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  1. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #789: Desert Island Fortnite Skins

    I guess Cheapy being a huge Les Miserables head made him dislike the Wonka. I thought it was a fun film, and I can't put too much stock in it.
  2. detectiveconan16

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    We back huh. CAGBag: Is life unfair that all the nice people we know passed away young, but we had to wait this long for Kissinger?
  3. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #765: Stay Strapped Or Get Clapped

    Here's to Cheapy's mix getting included in this year's Ibiza mix. I learned about Wolverine's bone claws from Wizard magazine and I was also shocked because growing up from the cartoons, I always thought it was a side effect of whatever the heck they did to him. Anyway the story goes is that...
  4. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #753: Boycott This!

    If you're gonna be using the terms "woke" and "sjw" as means of an insult to people whose very existence is being threatened, you should take  a look at yourself, a middle aged person who struggles to exist as an adult who only engages in childish pursuits.
  5. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

    Screw those anti-Wombat comments. He's right about how f-ked up this whole situation is, and already in the past week we know that the top Hog people are gutter trash, like that Ellis guy. I'm doing my part with this boycott, in that I really have no interest in playing this game.
  6. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

    A topic for next week's episode. It looks like the stars of the Pokemon cartoon that's been airing weekly since 1998 are finally leaving the program. End of an era. So the CAGBag question would be something like...
  7. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

    I only have Hulu to watch my cartoons, and yeah it's REALLY annoying when the commercials come on and it's loud af. I don't get this on Pluto TV or Tubi, services designed to cram ads during breaks.  CheapyD's "God forbid" story is a bit nuts, less religious fanaticism but some kind of upsell...
  8. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #738: Black Elves and White Controllers

    But Shipwreck, how can you beat either Williams sister at Basketball? Don't you know the parable of White Men Can't Jump?
  9. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #718: Welcome to the Guyniverse

    Maybe Cheapy's and Shipwreck's sons can watch this Shout Factory channel together, and Shipwreck's kid will be a wiz at Japanese in no time.
  10. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #693: 4 Monkeys

    Anime is totally gory, just don't let the children watch like Genocyber or Tokyo Babylon or A Wind Named Amnesia or whatever anime was out on VHS when Cheapy was a teenager.
  11. detectiveconan16

    eBay - extra 20% off select gaming items (most used)

    I bought a n3DS XL from them for about $130 like four years ago, was practically new, and still works to this day.
  12. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #691: Egg Creams and Disco Fries

    Vaccines- they are free and safe! Much more affordable and less dubious than magical mineral water.
  13. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #683: Every Damn Episode?!?!

    CheapyD be like: The purchases Shipwreck makes that he talks about on the CAGCast are related to small businesses. I mean the Retrotink and Polymega things aren't exactly sold on Amazon or Walmart. Now if Shipwreck started like...
  14. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #676: Ship Wrecked

    I totally agree with Wombat that my anxiety lies with the fact that we're closer to the finish line, and it keeps being moved by the Fuck ing jamokes who refuse to wear a mask. I do feel with the older-than-CheapyD viewer that he has a family that relies on him, yet is forced to go into the city...
  15. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #669: The EcoSport of Gaming Podcasts

    Wombat is the heart and soul of the CAGCast. Without Wombat there is nothing!
  16. detectiveconan16

    CAGcast #664: Hawk Guys

    I should reread Said's Orientalism. I haven't done so since high school. It's probably BS like Fukuyama.
  17. detectiveconan16

    Best Buy Black Friday Deals Available Now - Ends Sunday

    I made my list, haven't decided yet, and dammit the John Wicks are $14 total if I buy them separately and they're not in stock!, but $22 for the three movie set or 4K is $24. So probably THPS and FF7R. 
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