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  1. DrunkTigerWoods

    Tomb Raider, Dishonored $9.99 Hitman:Absolution $8.99 free ship gamefly

    Tomb Raider is back in stock for 360.
  2. DrunkTigerWoods

    Gamefly- [DEAD] Resident Evil 6 $10, Assassin's Creed: Rev $10, Epic Mickey 2 Wii $13

    Like so many others, I've been waiting forever on Spidey hitting $10. I really hope it comes back in stock.
  3. DrunkTigerWoods

    Gamefly Used Games Sale $15 each Tom Clancy, Max Payne 3, Dirt showdown, Prototype 2

    I'll wait on Spider-man. History has proven spiderman games drop to $10. Then, it will be mine.
  4. DrunkTigerWoods

    NewEgg Black Friday Sale is Live! (2nd Wave of deals are Live!)

    QFT. Picked one up myself. Needed the blu-ray.
  5. DrunkTigerWoods

    GameFly DotD: AC: Revelations, Dead Island $9.99, Saints Row: The Third $14.99

    Not quite the right price for Donkey Kong. I'm gonna hold out a little longer.
  6. DrunkTigerWoods

    Extras: The Complete Series DVD - $17.49

    I got this for $15 2 years ago. So worth it, buy it now.
  7. DrunkTigerWoods

    Anyone pre-order Skyward Sword LE from newegg and got it?

    Yeah, I wouldn't count on it. Lucky for me my kmart is unpopular and they had 2 in stock, plus $20 game credit. It was sold out everywhere else.
  8. DrunkTigerWoods

    Anyone pre-order Skyward Sword LE from newegg and got it?

    I called them, they confirmed my preorder but they didn't receive enought stock to fill it and don't know if they will get more. I presses them on why I wasnt notified, they said they don't. So if they weren't getting enought stock, my order should have been cancelled. I ordered sept 2 so they...
  9. DrunkTigerWoods

    Anyone pre-order Skyward Sword LE from newegg and got it?

    I just wanted to know if anyone else got their copy or any follow up emails. My order is still on hold. I sent them an email today(didn't have time to call) and am waiting to hear back from them. I'll try to call tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
  10. DrunkTigerWoods

    Free Stainless Steel Money Clip **DEAD**

    I got the money clip the other day. It was definitely used and dirty. I know its free but come on.
  11. DrunkTigerWoods

    Free Stainless Steel Money Clip **DEAD**

    Thanks op! No longer will I have to keep my monies in a sock.
  12. DrunkTigerWoods

    GameFly Nightly Deals: Cars 2 $13, Lego: Pirates $15, LittleBigPlanet 2 $18

    I'm in the same boat. Glad I caught it this time.
  13. DrunkTigerWoods

    Wii Deals?

    I haven't seen it that low yet. Hopefully the holidays will brings some good deals, I'm waiting to pick up the mario kart bundle for at most $120.
  14. DrunkTigerWoods

    Toys R Us bonus deal coupons 7/24 to 7/30 : $30 GC with 3DS or Wii, B1G1 40% off

    I dunno. Anyone think there'll be a better deal on the wii by holidays?
  15. DrunkTigerWoods

    Anyone else feel this way when shopping in Best Buy or is it just me?

    I don't like being bothered. If I want help, I'll ask.
  16. DrunkTigerWoods


    1. Quit my job, in style. 2. Not tell anyone. 3. Buy a delorean and a winter home in LA. 4. Take cooking and martial arts classes. 5. Invest.
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