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  1. Medium_Pimpin

    $19k+ Raised! - CAG Charity Raffle 2017 to Support Puerto Rico Storm Relief! - Winners Posted!

    I've been talking to first responders and family members heading to puerto rico everyday for the last 2.5 months for work and the devastation is massive. Glad to help out every opportunity i'm given and it would be cool to win a one X. 
  2. Medium_Pimpin

    Best Buy Black Friday 2017

    Giving up on this, it was easier to order Snes classic Preorders
  3. Medium_Pimpin

    Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted Lost Legacy and MLB The Show 17 $16/$20 each at Best Buy

    Picked up Uncharted, only reason i own the system essentially but was waiting for a price drop.  They are offering $1 off if you pickup in store. Hopefully HZD is in stock when i get there. 
  4. Medium_Pimpin

    PAX West 2016 Thread: Less Prime, More CAG

    Awesome glad the community on this site is still as awesome as it was so many years ago! Now we get a Pax Prime panel, sweet, hope to meet some of you in line!
  5. Medium_Pimpin

    CAGcast #412: Billion Dollar Boo Boo

    Regarding the Xbox One Sale this week, I noticed several stores(example Half Price Books) that used to have big 4th of July sales have moved their sales to this weekend. Even Amazon is having their biggest sale of the year July 15th. The last one might be an anniversary sale, but there must be...
  6. Medium_Pimpin

    Re-Join Gamefly for $1

    I signed up they and already shipped Borderlands PreSequel and Sunset overdrive, so I'm good. 
  7. Medium_Pimpin

    Nintendo 2DS $99 at Walmart

    Picked one up for myself. Sold my old 3ds earlier this year for $220, was looking to buy back in at a low price. 
  8. Medium_Pimpin

    Amazon PlayStation Network Store Contest - Win 1 of 25 PS3/Vita Games!

    Good to see amazon back in the PS Store reselling business. 
  9. Medium_Pimpin

    Wired Black Xbox 360 Controller $25 Shipped via NewEgg

    Darn, I just ordered this one this morning:
  10. Medium_Pimpin

    Ni No Kuni $20 Amazon

    Picked one up, had some Promotional credit for a trade in, no tax(WA) and free prime shipping. Thanks  
  11. Medium_Pimpin

    CAGcast #322: Press X to CAGcast

    He has played this same audio clip before, and remixed it himself so it doesn't surprise me. I haven't forgotten about Poland. I would not turn down a copy of Poker Night 2!
  12. Medium_Pimpin

    CAGcast #319: HAMSANDWICH

    Regarding your conversation about sending your 3DS in for Credit, Shipping to and from Fufillment by Amazon Services is extremely cheap. One would need to pay a monthly fee based on size of inventory coming in/out but it's generally less than $1 shipping costs outgoing, incoming is even cheaper...
  13. Medium_Pimpin

    Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set (X360) $70 at Amazon

    Cool found some people selling the soundtracks on ebay, that's the most attractive part of this to me.
  14. Medium_Pimpin

    CAG Fund for Child's Play 2012 Charity Raffle: $38K+ Raised, Winners Posted!

    Donated $15, looks like Sandy is affecting the bottom line this year. I'll try to get more in before the deadline.
  15. Medium_Pimpin

    Amazon PCDD $12.49 Walking Dead ($7.49 after coupon)

    The Storming, Burning, Reflecting, Flaming, Sabotaging Pack for $8.49 after code seems like the best deal. Not sure if i can pull the trigger, no room on my SSD for any games atm.
  16. Medium_Pimpin

    GameFly 2012 Year End Used Game Sale

    Nothing for me, Resident evil revelations is the Stand out deal
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