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    Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water - Wii U [Digital Code] $33.99

    What are you smoking? Do you even own a Wii U? Doubt it, otherwise you wouldn't hate on it. I played Breath of the Wild on it before I got a switch and it looked and played amazing. Honestly, not a huge difference in performance or graphics.
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    Final Fantasy Remake - Double 10 Dollar Rewards for Preorder?

    Ordered March 1st 2020 with a best buy gift card, got the double points and my deluxe edition today.
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    Any place to search for games about to be discontinued?

    Is there a place to search for games that lists games that will be discontinued? Either announced or just theorized. For instance, I wasn't even aware of Gravity Rush 2 when it was available on Amazon, and I wound up missing out on getting it for a great deal. Most recent mistake was River City...
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    Ubisoft Store Lunar Sale - Division 2 Standard/Ulitmate (PC) $9/$18 and More

    Oddly enough, it looks like some of the prices went up some.
  5. D is going under - just a PSA

    What's facebook?
  6. D is going under - just a PSA

    Wow, that was fast. I guess they decided to either sell it off in bulk or on ebay. No way they went through all of their inventory in matter of a week.
  7. D is going under - just a PSA

    Would be nice if they kept it going, but to be honest, it's not particularly reliable. For instance: It says the n-gage QD system, loose, is worth $283... it's worth about $60. This is just a recent example I found.
  8. D is going under - just a PSA

    Never heard of them, either. Odd that the site layout is very similar to pricecharting...
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    ubisoft store b2g1

    100 points gets you a 20% off code.
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    Bayonetta 2 $29.99 (S), Tales of Vesperia $14.99 (S), RE Revelations Collection $14.99 (S) at Target YMMV

    They weren't on brickseek, but I got Streetfighter and Monster hunter for ~$16 each. Monster hunter rang up right, but they price matched the scan I did on the target app for streetfighter. Could find any of the other titles I wanted.
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    OSSC by Kaico for 144.99 at Amazon

    I've heard these made in china units use questionable parts. Just pay the Extra $20 and you can get one with the remote, remote overlay, and power adapter for $165, shipped from VGP.
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    Anyone know about

    I know this is old, but for anyone else... for the love of god, do not use rent-to-own bs. A switch is $19/week for 30 weeks... That's almost DOUBLE retail... Just save your money. You could even get a used system far cheaper if you can't wait. Edit: meant /week not /mo
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