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  1. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    virus is fake anyways
  2. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    got 3 mk11s yesterday for 48 shipped, $12 for a copy to own is awesome. sell the rest on ebay
  3. HappySnappy

    PSN Weekly Deals - 2/10: Big in Japan Sale ends 2/25, Critics' Choice Sale ends 2/18! NBA 2K21 Deal of the Week!

    no offense to the feed updaters but I think the main page of this site should not have individual psn game deals, just the psn sales and physical games unless it is excluded from the sale. Just too much to sort through imho. btw anyone know if best buy or gamestop psn cards are digital delivery...
  4. HappySnappy

    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    I have 860 things in my ps4 library download list under purchased, made a youtube video on it and my channel is Cool Things Online.
  5. HappySnappy

    H: trine 4, titanfall 2, DA Inquisition Deluxe, FF XV Standard PS4, Gears of War 4 Xbox- All Used. W: Paypal or even ps4 game trades

    see topic. also have for honor used and micro machines want paypal or trade.
  6. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    i got jd'ed at my home store and manually banned I think during this years flipageddon, though I did trade in like 4 copies of titanfall 2 ps4. It's super annoying though for some people flipageddon is the only time they come out ahead in consumerism madness lol.
  7. HappySnappy

    Meijer Sales/Clearance Thread

    south park fractured but whole with stick of truth new for 10, i picked that up, some others like knowledge is power 5 and some I already had.
  8. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    instead of all the pouting in this thread thought i'd spread some cheer with a list of games that trade for more after buying 4/20 this week. You can put it to them or whatever for not giving your 5 january bonus lol. link to an incomplete but pretty big lists of trades you can do...
  9. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    dying light is $7 for ps4 and xbox. If you use you get %10 cashback gamestop, best buy, walmart, target and $10 when you first sign up (but it's $10/month after 7 days, but great deal if you shop a lot)). Trades for 8.30 for ps4 and 9.40 after 5 extra towards a preorder so you...
  10. HappySnappy

    monster energy supercross 2 ps4 $19.99

    This was black friday price but it is $20 now with supercross 3 around the corner, I think im going to wait for it to hit less than 15 though.
  11. HappySnappy

    Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

    i looked at this youtube video yesterday that gave some walmart clearance hunting tips using the walmart app, u can scan items from afar, not sure if you can scan them well in the cases but try, they prices can ring up for less at that store
  12. HappySnappy

    Shenmue 3 @ BestBuy, sale $29.99 & Free Steelbook!

    if anyone gives away another copy ill pay shipping
  13. HappySnappy

    PSN Weekly Deals - 2/10: Big in Japan Sale ends 2/25, Critics' Choice Sale ends 2/18! NBA 2K21 Deal of the Week!

    trial3 ps services- a little bit, especially since i had to call andhave themmanually check it off and  giveitto mesince ps plus trial couldnt be gotten since i resubbed
  14. HappySnappy

    PSN Weekly Deals - 2/10: Big in Japan Sale ends 2/25, Critics' Choice Sale ends 2/18! NBA 2K21 Deal of the Week!

    it is the same as the previous 15% you got from sony rewards, all you can do is give it to someone who hasnt used it before
  15. HappySnappy

    New Monthly $5 Dollar Cert for Power Up Rewards Pro

    excuse me, where do you find your $5 cert for being a pro member? All this bragging without telling where it is has got me in a tizzy. It's not in active offers and poweruprewards pro page doesn't do anything for me. Edit: NVM,someone said they saw it in active offers
  16. HappySnappy

    ubisoft store b2g1

    what's 20%? i just want 20% off and get far cry primal thats it
  17. HappySnappy

    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    well i tried to use the phone number associated with my moms redcard but dont think it did anything. ill try to check. i might be able to rebuy with redcard for 5% off
  18. HappySnappy

    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    got a nice haul from targets run yesterday. soul caliber vi $10, dark souls remastered 10, marvel vs Capcom infinite 10, nascar  heat 3 10, mxgp pro 10, tales of vesperia 15, dragons crown pro hardened 15, division2 gold 12. most excited about division and soul caliber. I think the only ones I...
  19. HappySnappy

    The Gamestop Thread

    can anyone pm me a list of all the games to get with b2g2 that have good trade in values? missed the last couple of days but maybe the shelves are restocked from flippers. I plan to go ham bananas today all over the city.
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