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  1. srehmat02

    Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

    Before I spend my points on certs, does anyone know if the $50, $25, etc instore Certs will work on this bundle? My local GS has them available. edit: my store doesn't have digital versions of the games so they are selling the physical copies with the bundle, bundle cost is $756 lol F that.
  2. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    Did anyone else get double shipped on certain games? I got an extra 4 $27 Switch games lol thanks GameStop!
  3. srehmat02

    WTB: Yoshi’s Crafted World Digital Code H: $20 PayPal

    I will pay $20 Paypal for one code. Please message me if you have one available!
  4. srehmat02

    PSN Flash Sale ends 1/21 @ 11 AM ET/8 AM PT

    Are you sure? It was $19.99 on BF at GS, pretty mad if I missed that
  5. srehmat02

    XBL Deals - 2018

    slickdeals effect
  6. srehmat02

    Diablo III Switch - $17 at Walmart

    Will gladly pay someone $30 shipped for a copy since there's no way I can make it to a Walmart today, PM me if interested
  7. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    Ah OK, but the system allows it, thanks for the response
  8. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    Quick question, does anyone know how many reward certificates you can use in the same transaction? I plan to use a $50, $25, $15, $10, and $5 with my console trade-in to bring down the cost of my Xbox X. There's some fine print that says 3 per day, but I am not sure that is accurate.
  9. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    I am getting charged tax in CA
  10. srehmat02

    GameStop $10 Rewards Cash with purchase of Red Dead Redemption 2 thru 11/1/18. PUR Required.

    even more incentive to trade in my Xbox One S... I think I will take the plunge
  11. srehmat02

    Titan Quest: Standard Edition - Xbox One $5.82 Add-on Item @ Amazon

    Pretty sure from reports I have been hearing Amazon disabled ordering add-ons via Alexa. You can always just pre-order a game though and cancel it later.
  12. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    Just renewed here in the Bay Area for 5 years, one of which was from the coupon, I am good till 2023... if they last that long!
  13. srehmat02

    The Gamestop Thread

    I was lazy yesterday evening when I read this and held out till today, I hope it's not too late for my GS, I have a Elite Pro membership coupon to burn, might get a couple additional years as well if I can.
  14. srehmat02

    Gamestop "New" Thread

    Typical GS on Pro Day can't even checkout right now, keep getting "We're sorry, something went wrong" Can't even make it to the store today because I'm traveling, not that I'd want to..
  15. srehmat02

    H: Papa Johns Free Large 1-Topping W: $2.00 Paypal or 3 for $5.00

    bump again, will offer 3 codes for $5
  16. srehmat02

    Madden 18 (PS4) Pre-Owned - $21.89

    Yup 4+ to trigger 60% bonus
  17. srehmat02

    Madden 18 (PS4) Pre-Owned - $21.89

    Trades in for $32 with current GS 60% bonus, if anyone cares.
  18. srehmat02

    Madden 18 (PS4) Pre-Owned - $21.89

    Madden 18 (PS4) Pre-Owned - $21.89 Best price I've seen for used copy. They have (X1) for $29.19 as well,
  19. srehmat02

    River City: Rival Showdown (Limited Riki Keychain Edition) $17.23 @ Amazon

    I grabbed it at the below price this morning River City: Rival Showdown (Limited Riki Keychain Edition) - Nintendo 3DS Sold by: Services, Inc.   $15.97 Condition: New   Am I winning?
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