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  1. Caliburn

    Newegg - Select BF Deals Live Now (GTA 4 Complete $10, Dishonored $10, Pikmin 3 $40, & more)

    Yeap, the promo has been closed. The discount reflected in my cart before checkout and I would've purchased two games if the code was active. Now, I can wait and see if Amazon will price match because I have credit there.
  2. Caliburn


    Thank you! :applause:
  3. Caliburn


    Black controller prop please, if it's still available?
  4. Caliburn

    Wii Remote $10 @ 1saleaday

    It's from's bootleg by default. I bought what was advertised as a Turbosnake (for cleaning drains) for $5 a few months ago. Turns out they were indeed bootleg and the velcro would actually come loose and get stuck in the drain. Don't trust them unless you don't mind knockoffs.
  5. Caliburn

    December List

    CML for your N64 controller, but I don't have any of your immediate wants listed here. PM me if you don't see anything and would sell it (does the stick return to its upright position when not in use / is not loose?) Thanks.
  6. Caliburn

    Need help for a class project! Please

    Are you trying to mask some insecurities by creating this video, tera? The cat stole the show, btw.
  7. Caliburn

    Is there really any good reason to use Facebook?

    I remember when it was a requirement to have a valid college email address to obtain a FB account (.edu). My whole network used it extensively back then. I've teetered away from using it lately and I guess most of my friends have as well (we're all in our mid-late 20's). Nobody posts much of...
  8. Caliburn

    ECA Discussion Thread - WARNING: Some CAGs Who Cancelled Are Being Auto-Renewed

    I just checked my account and I appear to be safe - my last charge was in 2008 with a non-payment in 12/2009 ($0). Your Membership term will expire: 12/08/2009 15:47:50 And will auto renew to: N/A Your auto-renewal feature is...
  9. Caliburn

    Reduced Price Game Guides: Thread XI

    Nah, that'll severely skew and improperly over-value the inventory in that store, when it comes to accounting. If BB is removing the guide, then .01 is a reasonable flag that the item should be removed while not altering the total value of all merchandise much (.01 is close to zero). But as we...
  10. Caliburn

    Making a life changing decision, you might be able to help me greatly.

    Have you performed/consulted with an external firm for market research? It'd be a fatal assumption based on what you, friends, and your neighborhood perceive. Just because they may "like" a certain product, are you sure they'll actually buy it (try some focus groups)? You surely don't want only...
  11. Caliburn

    Reduced Price Game Guides: Thread XI

    Woah... I haven't been to Best Buy since September and I just found Star Ocean: The Last Hope with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Wolfenstein! I guess the other CAG/Slickdealer that lives in my neighborhood moved on, as I was always competing with someone else for guide drops.
  12. Caliburn

    ECA: Hal Halpin's Latest Statement: Changes are Coming

    The cancellation of the auto-renew feature couldn't have come at a greater time in my case! :bouncy: I did join the ECA late last year when they were sponsoring a booth at a video game expo. I won a Wii charging kit and a bunch of other stuff, and enrolled for $14.99 with my 5 year old .edu...
  13. Caliburn

    Printing USPS shipping label, does date matter?

    I've had no issues with dropping off a package pre- or post-dated into the APC machine at the post office, but I have had problems handing over packages with a date other than the current date to a postal clerk (i.e. they won't take a package with tomorrow's date, or yesterday's), but that's...
  14. Caliburn

    Free full 1 year eca membership no purchase needed!

    It is front page on Slickdeals. My account expires in December, so my girlfriend's signing up for this for the next year. 8-) Got the confirmation email to a Yahoo account is less than 15 seconds after registration.
  15. Caliburn

    Disney to Acquire Marvel Entertainment

    Can't wait till Iron Man smacks the heck out of yet-unannounced villain Hannah Montana in Iron Man 2!
  16. Caliburn

    Would you ever date your friends ex-girlfriend (of two years)?

    Hoes before bros, after all. Wait a minute... :-#
  17. Caliburn

    PriceGrabber $5 Rebate Topic w/ Lists Of Eligible Games (Updated 3/2)

    Ah hell, I sent the fulfillment company an inquiry 3 weeks ago and hadn't heard a response - so I went to check on the status of my rebates, and guess what? This company, too, has gone belly-up! :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: Look Up a Rebate Effective July 31st 2009, Continental Promotion...
  18. Caliburn

    72 bottles of Headshot for $30

    Bitched, I bet. They admitted they didn't see it at first so that's their way of turning a negative customer experience into a positive one. It'd be too coincidental if you were a x20th customer. Plus they probably have 18000 cases left...they should double all orders.
  19. Caliburn

    Rock Band 2 Special Editions $99 @ Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, & Gamestop

    Argh, this kills me. I still haven't had time to even open RB2 from the TRU misprint/offer last October or November! I think I paid $120 at BB but didnt PM the gift card...ah well. I'm done buying accessory-based music games. Great price drop though!
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