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    Get Free Copies of Pid

    Following you as @xanaty Thanks!
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    Skyrim Collector's Edition Hardcover Guide (in stock) - Amazon

    yeah and average selling price on ebay seems to be roughly $75
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    Skyrim Collector's Edition Hardcover Guide (in stock) - Amazon

    Hurry!! edit: It seems to be going in and out of stock. I was able to get one a few minutes ago so keep trying. good luck. btw, price is $26.39
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    (DEAD) Origin - Pre-order 'Battlefield 3', get 'Dead Space 2' for free (PC only)

    I pre-ordered last month and contacted EA Live Support today and they asked for my order number and promptly applied DS2 to my account :)
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    EA Flash Deal 2/3: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Code (PC only - Steam compatible)

    needs 500 likes before 5:30pm PST
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    Bayonetta Strategy Guide (Bradygames ebook) FREE

    wow great timing! i was looking for this just yesterday when i started playing the game (which is quite awesome btw).
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    Contest is over...congrats to depascal22!

    duke nukem 3d is my favorite. you use a varied array of weapons that lets you smack down, and shrink down, your enemies. also, duke's remarks give it a funny twist. if i win this contest, like Duke i'll say..."Holy Shit" :bouncy:
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    Xbox 360 Premium & Elite w/Forza 2 & Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Supplies Running Out

    i'm trying to find an Elite myself, but can't find one online or at a local store here (northern NJ). anyone know when new shipments are coming out?
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