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    CAGcast #669: The EcoSport of Gaming Podcasts

    I've been listening to the podcast for over a decade. These guys are great. I've been hoping they would leave politics out of the show, but I appreciate it is their choice to include it, and my choice to not listen if I don't like it. Just want to let you guys know I respect you and like you...
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    CAGcast #408: Project MICROPHONES

    No, he wasn't victim blaming... he specifically stated that it wasn't because she was dressed provocatively. I'm thinking that a skimpier garment allows easier access to the vagina? Obviously none of it makes sense, but that is why I listen to and enjoy the cagcast. I enjoy Cheapy's sense of humor.
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    CAGcast #385: Get Ben-t

    This cagcast was a great recovery from last week! My favorite retro game is Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.
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    CAGcast #202: The E3 2010 Not So Limited Collector's Edition

    Wombat is excellent, without him it DEFINITELY wouldn't be the cagcast. Even though there are now three people on the cagcast, Wombat still represents 50% of the entertainment I get out of the podcast.
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    CAGcast #192: Mustering a Modicum of Nape

    Great show as always! I started listening to the Cagcast years ago because I needed something to listen to at the gym. I'm still listening and still exercising, its been a great motivator. I'm 33, used to weigh 190, now am at a solid 180...nothing too dramatic but its better than putting it on...
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    Unreal Tournament III (360) @ Newegg $9.99 w/FS
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    Tiger Woods 10 - Club & Disc Golf w/Motion+ (Upd: get it!)

    I have to get rid of this game. The real swing that is required for 100% in driving the ball SERIOUSLY hurts my left arm. It hurt for several days afterwards too. I've tried different ways and swings to get 100%, but it really does require a genuine swing and follow-through., and its hurting my...
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    CAG Foreplay #61: Here's to You, Monster Destroyer

    First off, this has to be noted... Shipwreck from the show: Second, Shipwreck mentioned the WPA functionality as one of the only attractive features of the DSi, but apparently that feature won't be so awesome either.
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    Amazon preorders for DSi now available (both colors, $169.99 shipped) ** BACK UP **

    Yep, between that, the battery life, the price, and the region-locking, it sounds like if what you really want to do is play DS games, the DS Lite is what you want. Plus if the DS Lite gets marked down eventually against the DSi, then that will be even better. Also, what the hell am I going to...
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    Amazon preorders for DSi now available (both colors, $169.99 shipped) ** BACK UP **

    FTA: "The second three profiles in the DSi Wi-Fi options menu are for Nintendo DSi-native software, including the DSi Shop Channel as well as the downloadable Opera Browser. These second-tier profiles can use enhanced encryption, including WPA and WPA2. It has to be noted that, to remain...
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    Amazon preorders for DSi now available (both colors, $169.99 shipped) ** BACK UP **

    Yeah, if the DSi connects through WPA on my wireless router, that would be the biggest plus for me. I mean this thing is supposed to have worse battery life than the DS Lite, which makes sense since it has more junk in it, but , c'mon...the battery life is such a huge feature. I wish my DS Lite...
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    CAGcast #145: Farts, Favorites, and Firings

    Great show...loved shipwreck in it, such a perfect mix of really different personalities. Porn or DS game was great. Ship really seemed to be getting into it!
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    Borders HD-DVD Sale ($9.99 Boxsets)

    Planet Earth: Canceled Hot Fuzz: Canceled
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    Borders HD-DVD Sale ($9.99 Boxsets)

    Ordered Planet Earth (Hopefully BBC) and Hot Fuzz. Yeah, that site is still slow as molASSes. Hopefully no cancels.
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    Contest (CAG Foreplay #55): Win Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

    School Bus sim where you point and click to rearrange cranky kids who don't get along with each other. Also included are dialogue-tree-style arguments with kids trying to trap you into illogical dead-ends about the rules of the bus and endless "why?" responses. Actions have time limits that...
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    [OOS]Planet Earth HD-DVD $26.62 Shipped @

    'bout time we got some kind of good HD DVD deal again. Amazon's being stingy. Picked this up right away.
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Gen. Discussion & Info

    I play middle of the day and evening. sickenmcsluggets/EZM 4725-7669-7537
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    Universal HD DVD Price Drops @ - 11.95-16.95 Full List Inside

    Just picked up the Bourne trilogy, Children of Men, Shaun of the Dead, and Pride + Prejudice. Figured they all averaged out to about 11 bucks each, and I should strike while there is still a decent selection.
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    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Review

    I thought Dual Strike was horrible due to incredibly unbalanced gameplay. The CO powers were so out of hand in it. Also the "Second Front" on the top screen was a joke and a distraction. If the gameplay in Days of Ruin is more reminiscent of the original GBA one, I want to play it. Instead of...
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