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    Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable ($29.99) Preorder @NewEgg

    I read on another message board that the game's name got changed at GameFly, so its coming up as cancelled for some people.
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    Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable ($29.99) Preorder @NewEgg

    I'm new to posting deals here, and I don't think I seen someone else post this here. Sorry if this is old. Normal price is $40, might be worth preordering as I don't think many retail...
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    (DEAD)BB PS Vita - MLB 12/Hot Shots Golf $9.99-AC 3 Liberation/Silent Hill BOM $29.99

    So the deal is over? Hot Shots is not 20 on BestBuy's website.
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    (DEAD)FREE Playstation All Stars costume Code

    Thanks! I was able to Redeem the code :applause:
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    PSN Weekly Deals - 11/13: Game Show & Persona Sale! 11/19: PS+ on Vita Begins!

    How is Knights in the Nightmare? is it worth the $7.50?
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    Dark Souls Hardcover Official Strategy Guide [Future Press] $4.99/$4.50 GameStop B&M

    Anyone know if the SCV guide is worth getting? I know the game had a few rebalance patches so I afraid the info in the guide might not be to helpful if i get it now.
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    Rayman Origins $19.99 (Amazon PM, Xbox 360 or Wii)

    The PS3 version is not being sold by amazon, its from "40K ITEMS ON SALE" so I'm guessing amazon is out of stock. Hopefully they will get more in and PM GS.
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    Artbook included with Xenoblade Chronicles pre-order

    I pick up my copy about 45 mins ago and they didn't have the artbook, but I left my number with the lady there and she said that she would call if they get them in later or if stores near by had extras. Sure enough she called about 3 mins ago to tell me that they just got them in. It might be...
  9. L Discussion Thread...PLZ Read OP

    Justed got my shipped email for SFxT: SE too ;)
  10. L Discussion Thread...PLZ Read OP

    I got the same e-mail word for word from a guy named Draken. If I don't get an "order shied" email later today I might cancel and just order off amazon.
  11. L Discussion Thread...PLZ Read OP

    What day did you guys order your copies? I placed mine on the 28th.
  12. L Discussion Thread...PLZ Read OP

    really? how can you tell if you copy is on back order?
  13. L Discussion Thread...PLZ Read OP

    Did you order SFxT Special Edition? Because they still havn't shiped mine :(
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    [IMG]Get your Portable ID!

    Get your Portable ID!
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    Best Buy $10 off God Of War Collection w/GOW3 pre-order.

    so do i have to pre-order both? or can i just pre-order GOW3 on the release date of the GOW collection?
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    4000 XBox Live Points + Saints Row 2 + Halo Wars DLC- $59.95 * 7/11*

    Just ordered a copy of HS. This game is still $60 new in most places, and I've been waiting for it to drop down to $20 or so. I just hope I don't one with the yellow platinum logo on it. Also, a quick question, well a NTSC save file work for the pal version of siren?
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    Brand New PSP Stamina Battery(2200mah) 12.99 shipped. (Back in stock)

    looks like gamefunk got more in, i just picked one up :)
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    Brand New PSP Stamina Battery(2200mah) 12.99 shipped. (Back in stock)

    Looks like they sold out :( I hope they get more soon.
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    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    $5 off 50 EO-NOH-JBN Expires 3/12/09 Please post if you used this code.
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