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  1. chazman14

    Switch buying

    Hello all. Been saving up for a couple Nintendo Switch's later this year (regular and lite). My question is do you guys think that there will be a lite console/game combo this holiday season? I'm pretty sure there will be a regular/console combo, so I'm not worried about that. Thanks.
  2. chazman14

    Forza Horizon - Xbox 360 Xbox Live Key $3.05+.60 Eneba

    Anyone have some alternative sites to buy from?
  3. chazman14

    Xbox Deals and Discussion

  4. chazman14

    Xbox Deals and Discussion

    I just did the same thing for $70!
  5. chazman14

    Xbox Deals and Discussion

    Didn't work for me. Thanks for trying.
  6. chazman14

    Xbox Deals and Discussion

    Ho How do I find this? It's not showing on my dashboard.
  7. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2019

    Awesome work. The furthest I ever got was ~53 days then the stupid thing reset.
  8. chazman14

    New Monthly $5 Dollar Cert for Power Up Rewards Pro

    I got this a couple weeks ago at my store. Tried to use the $5 on a $5 GS gift card in store, but it wouldn't take. Gotta find something by the 31st to use mine on.
  9. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2019

    Deal on points would be awesome! Do you know if they ran a promo like this last BF? I missed out last time they were on sale and have been stocking up ever since.
  10. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2019

    $99 a piece? How many are there? Might have to tell the Mrs that I won't be able to pay rent next month...
  11. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2019

    My bad. Thanks for clarifying. What genre would you describe it under?
  12. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2019

    Alright, alright. I'm not much of a first person shooter gamer, I'm actually really bad at them, but I keep getting drawn to want to purchase just cause 3 xxl edition. I really need your help to go through with it cag community. Yes or no.
  13. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 2018

    Do real gamers eat lettuce?
  14. chazman14

    12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Digital) - $44.64

    Was this in-store or online? Online in seeing it for $94.99. Thanks
  15. chazman14

    XBL Deals - Jan 6 - Sep 4, 2014

    I played the demo and I just wasn't feelin' it. I love auto/racing games as 95% of my games are racing type, but I just couldn't get into this one.
  16. chazman14

    [H] 1 Month Xbox Live Codes [W] $4 PayPal Each

    I would like to know this too. Thanks OP
  17. chazman14

    Burger King Xbox 360 Games 99 Cents

    In stock at Turlock store. The stores actual name is 99 cent only stores.
  18. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 12/31-1/6: "LEGO GonD"(-40%)* │ FREE: Sleeping Dogs* │ MM↓: SRIV $39.99, Hydrophobia $2.99

    I know, right!?! MS should be ashamed of themselves for the lack of games we bought this year. Shame on you, Microsoft, shame on you.
  19. chazman14

    XBL Deals - 12/31-1/6: "LEGO GonD"(-40%)* │ FREE: Sleeping Dogs* │ MM↓: SRIV $39.99, Hydrophobia $2.99

    You get the credit through bing rewards. Search everyday and redeem your points for a ms card once u get the minimum point requirement. U can have up to 5 accounts per household.
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