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  1. jaykrue

    Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana.

    Dude. Your daughter is going to be smoking. fcuking. hot. Tell her to call me in 19 yrs. :drool: I really don't see where the hate for mixed races come from but I would guess any antagonism is based on jealousy at such potential attractiveness. I'd have to say, from my own experiences, most...
  2. jaykrue

    How does an adult make friends?

    It's presumptuous of you to think that: - you will be intoxicated enough to get a DWI. It's fine to nurse a single beer and then follow it up w/ water to dilute the effect. You'd be surprised how much people don't give a shit. They're busy socializing. - everyone you socialize with you must...
  3. jaykrue

    How to punish for not paying bills?

    Yeah, but your situation is the reverse of his, and unlike you, from FoC's description, his wife doesn't seem very open to the idea of someone else taking responsibility for the family bills (or at least communicating about such things). At the 8+ year mark of togetherness, it's probably more...
  4. jaykrue

    How to punish for not paying bills?

    While I see your point, paying the bills for FoC's wife won't change her behavior. I can't, however, disagree that what you say is the most pragmatic & reasonable choice to make. To FoC: I don't know what to tell you as I don't know what your wife's personality/quirks/habits are but some...
  5. jaykrue

    Anime and Manga Thread Vol. 1: Visions of a God

    Just heard about it today. Although I wasn't a fan of his work, my friends' kids were and when they also heard the news, it broke my heart to see them cry. =(
  6. jaykrue

    What do you think?

    Mmmm, I love the smell of Darwinism in the morning.
  7. jaykrue

    Johns Hopkins student kills apparent burglar with a samurai sword

    Or a hero of time with elfin features wielding the master sword and randomly breaking any vases within the home. Or a band of Light Warriors bent on saving the world, one NPC at a time. Or the son of a great warrior named Ortega whose real name is lost in the mists of time only to be elevated...
  8. jaykrue

    360 Data Migration Kit Discussion

    Bumping up this old thread. I need a data migration kit and would rather give the money to a CAG than MS. One condition though: I need a kit made past spring 2009 as the older ones couldn't transfer 60gb > 120gb (which is what my scenario is). Anyone willing to send me theirs?
  9. jaykrue

    Woman uses Myspace to track down her son...and rapes him.

    1) Statutory rape != rape Rape is sexual contact w/o consent. Statutory rape is a violation of legally established ages of sexual contact. Consent isn't even considered in the latter. Now, statutory rape can be considered for a 17 yr old who decides to have sex w/ a 30-something but c'mon...
  10. jaykrue

    What are you currently reading? Post here!

    I don't know if you're familiar w/ Stephenson's writing style but his endings are usually weak (as they tend to feel tacked on in comparison to the majority of the story). But then again, I don't read his stories for the endings since his descriptive prose usually makes up for it. qft.
  11. jaykrue

    What are you currently reading? Post here!

    Almost finished the Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and will reread Snow Crash and read the whole Baroque Cycle series, also by Stephenson.
  12. jaykrue

    Anime and Manga Thread Vol. 1: Visions of a God

    I'm half/half on this debate. On one hand I'll buy the dvds to support the companies. However, I hate the sickly white/yellow fonts some companies use especially when on a bright background since it makes it illegible to read. Fansubs are nice in that good ones will use fonts of different...
  13. jaykrue

    Chicago area CAGs, who wants to see Blue Man Group for free?

    I'd take up your offer but 1) I've already seen BMG (awesome show btw) 8-) 2) I already have plans set in stone that I absolutely cannot miss this Sat. My dates would be quite displeased I disappointed them.:lol: You might have better luck in the Sweet Home Chicago! thread in the Midwest...
  14. jaykrue

    Would you ever date your friends ex-girlfriend (of two years)?

    And you need to grow a few pube hairs before you speak.
  15. jaykrue

    Would you ever date your friends ex-girlfriend (of two years)?

    Why would that matter? :-s Every girl that has become sexually active has at least had one cock in the vicinity of her mouth not to mention the facial from the resulting orgasm. How is having a stranger's cock different from your buddies' aside from knowing the latter in person? As long as the...
  16. jaykrue

    Would you ever date your friends ex-girlfriend (of two years)?

    Statute of limitations is at least 6 months after official breakup. After that, respect has been paid towards the friend and moral obligation has been fulfilled so feel free. Yes, there is emotional baggage but the initiator of the breakup (presumably in this case, OP's friend) has no say...
  17. jaykrue

    Why are we this way??

    It's called They Live.
  18. jaykrue

    The Entire Ghostbusters Movie is now available to watch on Youtube

    Watched it last night all the way through and I didn't get any commercials.
  19. jaykrue

    Man yawns in court and goes to jail for 6 months.

    Whaddayaknow, obvious troll is obvious.:applause::roll:
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