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  1. Maddgief

    CAGcast #771: Asshoka

    Cheapy! Any anecdotes about teaching your son to drive? Or does the CAG limo driver still ferry him about?
  2. Maddgief

    CAGcast #754: The $500 Sandwich

    Accidental Assault in the Dark 2023: Different But Also Good
  3. Maddgief

    CAGcast #742: Cash Grab

    Two health related questions: 1. Wombat said to check back in in a couple of weeks for a fitness related update, so I'm checking back in. 2. Cheapy used to talk about taking fibre back in the day. Does he still? What kind would he recommend for a fellow AgingAssGamer?
  4. Maddgief

    CAGcast #736: Employee of the Month

    3 questions 1. IIRC, Ship spanked Cheapy the last time they played ping pong. Who won this time now that cheapy is an internationally ranked player? 2. When the owner of the ping pong club is out of town but his wife is still there to run the club, will cheapy be servicing her too? 3...
  5. Maddgief

    CAGcast #732: Hot CAGcast Summer

    OMG! Not too proud to admit Wombat's 'too tense' joke killed me. Laughed till I snorted.
  6. Maddgief

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Did Cheapy ever play anymore crusader Kings 3? Any additional impressions?
  7. Maddgief

    CAGcast #696: Chief Entertainment Officers

    Sure would be great if we could go one full episode without wombat preaching at the audience.
  8. Maddgief

    CAGcast #694: The Baseline of Human Decency

    What I didn't need: To hear about cheapy's butthole slurping up bidet water. What I do need:. An update on wombats fitness progress. I know he's doing the vr exercises but how is the overall journey going? War Wombat!
  9. Maddgief

    CAGcast #680: Nintendo’s Family Plan

    Have Cheapy or Wombat watched the Wild Wild Country documentary on Netflix? If so, where they be setting up Cagistan so that we may come and sit under their teaching full time and give them all of our money? Edit: it has full frontal cultist nudity.
  10. Maddgief

    CAGcast #678: How About Deez Grape Nuts?

    SO excited for Wombat's fitness journey! As a listener from the very beginning, I have been waiting expectantly and with sincere hope for him to get on a fitness plan. Don't get discouraged as there will be setbacks, be patient with yourself and go at your own pace. Here's hoping for...
  11. Maddgief

    CAGcast #667: Brain Garbage

    Love the show and have since episode 1.  Some constructive criticism and a question: Lately, as the focus of the show has shifted to Twitter/those watching live, both Cheapy and Wombat have become more like people you're trying to have a conversation with who refuse to look up from their...
  12. Maddgief

    CAGcast #609: China Stance

    Not surprised but still disappointed that wombat doesn't change his own windshield wiper blades.
  13. Maddgief

    CAGcast #608: Stadia Pros

    Great show. Loved the stadia game and how it reflected that no one knows anything about that doa platform. Hope you're doing better wombat. A question that everyone wants you guys to answer is that if the three of you made a human centipede who would be front, middle, and back? Halloween...
  14. Maddgief

    CAGcast #589: The Best and Driest Seat

    1. What the Shack Fu is cheapy talking about? Cannonball run is still great. 2.If the three of you were going to make a human centipede who would be front who would be middle and who would be back?
  15. Maddgief

    CAGcast #429: Explosive Gas

    I'll risk the nerd fury: Too much time is being taken on shaq fu-ing comic books. It's a huge drain on the middle of the show and goes on endlessly. Even cheapy can barely contain his disdain.  Wombat and Ship shouldn't be able to dominate the whole show with their 'I wish I was still a child so...
  16. Maddgief

    It's Me, Wombat on the Xbox Gamer Spotlight

    I love wombat..........wait for it....... but, man he is GIGANTIC.
  17. Maddgief

    Metal Gear Solid 4 Guides on Sale

    I might be in. I'm so wasting so much money...urk.
  18. Maddgief

    God of War PSP bundle available at Walmart - YMMV

    I too will be getting the GOW bundle. Question: Can you save games without the memory stick? Is there onboard memory?
  19. Maddgief

    Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Bundles

    Yeah. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb on that pricing. Now my decision is whether to get the Kratos PSP or the MGS PS3.
  20. Maddgief

    Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Bundles

    We're less than a month away and still no concrete details or preorder information. SONY SUCKS! :cry:
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