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  1. northernglory

    CAGcast #403: S.A.D.

    Did I miss it? LOL
  2. northernglory

    Dirt 2 Xbox 360 - Brand New - My Ebay auction

    Hey fellow CAG's I have up for auction on ebay Dirt 2 wich is brand new. 3 days are left in the auction. Thanks!
  3. northernglory

    McDonald's One Hot Holiday giveaway

    I won two Ms.Sposion Man! First time trying the premium chicken wrap,pretty good...and the sauce actually got my mouth on fire.
  4. northernglory

    What have you received recently?

    20 free select movies. 10 for signing up at Targets new video service and 10 from Cinema Now for linking my ultraviolet account.
  5. northernglory

    CAGcast #301: Don't Be a Dick

    If cheapy would stop burping, it would bring the show to a whole new level! Been listening for at least two years...It's getting old. Please ,wombat hook me up with TWD @gloryworks. :D
  6. northernglory

    Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread

    Medieval 2 Total War and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. $5 each Paypal or up for trades.
  7. northernglory

    The Maw and Aqua for $1 total w/trial upgrade & microsoft phone call.

    WOW,youre right! In the offer it says you can cancel online...but on the xbox site is says you have to call support to cancel! I'm surprised by that,then again I've always bought my 12 month memberships from Amazon.
  8. northernglory

    The Maw and Aqua for $1 total w/trial upgrade & microsoft phone call.

    Buying an xbox soon? Or maybe a friend wants to join XBL? Microsoft is offering a free month + 2 free XBL games when you sign up. Create a profile,choose Join Xbox Live from your profile options,after you've created your live account, when it asks you to upgrade to gold choose upgrade...
  9. northernglory

    Turtle Beach X-41 Sale @ Amazon $139.99 + Free Shipping!

    Just ordered myself a pair...cant wait! Just in time for Black Ops! I've been sitting on these for about a week! They also work with PS3 and PC! $139.99 + Free Super Saver Shipping. :)
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