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  1. ahou


    :ps3: Tekken 6 (Greatest Hits) - $5 Batman Arkham City - $6 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - $13 ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection - $7 Portal 2 - $10 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - $5 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $10 visited 2 gamestops hoping to find the amazon gift cards on...
  2. ahou

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    $5 off $50 UU-HZJ-FEB Exp. Mar 6
  3. ahou

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    both coupons are $5 off $50 purchase: LT-MEY-JMY Exp. Feb 26 VF-FPP-JGZ Exp. Feb 27
  4. ahou

    [DEAD] Xbox Live GTA IV Sweepstakes - thousands of prizes!

    just got an email saying i won 1000 pts also woot! :bouncy:
  5. ahou

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    heres a $5 off $50 coupon: AF-JBA-JXW *Expires July 24*
  6. ahou

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Gen. Discussion & Info

    technically i should qualify to get the key, got 100% on 5/12. Been checking the social club from time to time watching the % go up to to the point of 93% anxiously waiting to see whats beyond the access denied screen. Right now its at 0% :lol: escaping by car i took the bobcat parked upfront...
  7. ahou

    S/T>Bioshock(360) GHIII(360), music game imports (bmIIDX) Want>paypal, 360 games

    updated ouendan is pending out to be shipped monday, COD4 (360) goozexed away, and added guitar hero III (360)
  8. ahou

    CAG Buzz - Final Fantasy Crisis Core (PSP) Giveaway! Multiple Winners!

    1. From the gameplay videos, the battle system looks pretty good. I like that they are going into more detail about zack, cloud, and sephiroth before the events in the original FFVII. 2. I'd be pretty excited if a updated remake was made but if it didn't happen I wouldn't be sad. 3. I...
  9. ahou

    Weighted Companion Cube Plush Back in Stock

    add a large amount an item into your shopping cart, then there should be some red text says something like we only have ___ units in stock. picked up one of each, thanks op
  10. ahou

    Rock Band Drums (360) $69 shipped at Amazon

    thanks for the info of the drum price drop cheapy, I picked this up from amazon last month when the individual drum sets were released. Was able to get some cash back from the price adjustment. Saw this just in time too, for me, the 30 day time limit for price adjustment requests was tommorow :lol:
  11. ahou

    S/T>Bioshock(360) GHIII(360), music game imports (bmIIDX) Want>paypal, 360 games

    updated, added some music games mainly imports
  12. ahou

    360 Games - Buy, Sell or Trade Thread!

    asking price listed, OBO, pm me if interested Have: Bioshock (complete/mint) $35 shipped Command and Conquer 3 (sealed) $25 shipped Want: paypal or Naruto Rise of a Ninja
  13. ahou

    Official San Diego Area CAG List

    haha i was there earlier today hoping to pre-order too and got the same news. Supposedly they are still going to be giving out the $10 dollar gift cards regardless of having a pre-order or not. The sales rep also said that they will be selling brawl next wednesday rather than this coming...
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