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  1. jrutz

    8BitDo SN30 Bluetooth Gamepad Controller (Various Colors) $19, N30 Retro Bluetooth Gamepad $17

    I've found certain carriers will mark as delivered when they are simply handing off to the next carrier. Save hope, it might just have been passed to the next hop on the way to your homes.
  2. jrutz

    Best Buy Black Friday Ad

    I just bought the PS4 move controller two-pack from B&H for $79 and change. That's a decent ($20) discount. Last month I bought the Astrobot/Moss bundle, so the games alone are worth $70 to me. As opposed to the Creed/Superhot bundle, where I was only interested in Superhot VR and got that on...
  3. jrutz

    Best Buy Black Friday Ad

    Historically GCU applies to Early Access BF deals but not to BF itself. Weird, but that's how I've seen it work in the past.
  4. jrutz

    Best Buy Black Friday Ad

    Same. Early Access they still take the GCU discount.
  5. jrutz

    SNES Classic Discussion Thread

    Same here :(
  6. jrutz

    SNES Classic Discussion Thread

    This is redonkulous
  7. jrutz

    Anti-Deal: Amazon Prime no longer applies to toys to life and CEs

    That is some shit there. I can't believe they implemented such a policy. That sounds illegal.
  8. jrutz

    [H] CiB GBA games, Everything Else, Systems [W] PayPal

    Hey Cloggerdude - did you get my PM?
  9. jrutz

    2017 Premium Subscription $15

  10. jrutz

    PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

    So why Heavy Arms vs Play Asia, or vice versa? I normally place my import orders through Play Asia, and is where I ordered SRW V through.
  11. jrutz

    PSA - program terms to My Best Buy effective 8/28 - Points nuked in half for regular people, Elites losing the .1 bonus

    Best Buy f'ed me over on the refrigerator we bought from them, so I don't give them anymore of my business. I moved all of my preorders and media purchases to Amazon, with the exception of a major deal like the 50 Hour sale a couple of weeks ago, which wouldn't have netted me many points anyway.
  12. jrutz

    <H>Minecraft Wii U Edition <W> 20$ paypal

  13. jrutz

    Best Buy Dotd Rise of the Tomb Raider $24.99/$19.99 GCU

    Yep, it's been documented by Digital Foundry and detrimental to the combat. 360 and PC do not have this problem. This SE forum thread documents the issue well, and it includes the aforementioned DF links:
  14. jrutz

    Best Buy Dotd Rise of the Tomb Raider $24.99/$19.99 GCU

    I totally want this but the input lag stories on Xbox One scare me. Waiting instead for this to drop on PC.
  15. jrutz

    Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collector's Edition - Xbox One BB $74.99 ($59.99 w/ GCU)

    Wow. Fantastic deal for those interested in the statue. Reviews of the statue are very good, nice high quality paint and solid resin. I'd buy this but already have the limited edition, so I'm not getting anything more from it than the statue.
  16. jrutz

    PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

    Same with mine. The envelope came with a printed UPC label on it, so I suspect this is how they received them from Atlus and just shipped them out that way. I suspect we can thank Atlus for looking out for us moreso than Amazon.
  17. jrutz

    H: Pokemon White/White2 W: Paypal

  18. jrutz

    selling MLB account 35 dollars

bread's done