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  1. PittsburghAfterDark

    Phantasy Star Universe Players/Game Discussion

    PS2 and PC version showed up today where I have it pre-ordered, 360 is supposed to be Thursday. Who knows why just one version got this delay but it sucks it's the one I wanted.
  2. PittsburghAfterDark

    Analysis of Wii Hardware

    Considering you can get a Wii and a 360 Platinum bundle for the price of the top PS3 package and a game.... Yeah, the old second console argument. I don't see why Wii needs to be technically superior or equivilent. That's not its game. There's only so much better a 480p game can be. I'll...
  3. PittsburghAfterDark

    Phantasy Star Universe Players/Game Discussion

    I can't see the Xbox cheating carrying over since there's no GameShark/CodeBreaker for the 360 and no mod community. I just don't see cheating becoming a major issue on the 360. The PS2/PC version seem ripe for the pickings, the PS2 especially. The PC version is using Gamerguard so there are...
  4. PittsburghAfterDark

    Phantasy Star Universe Players/Game Discussion

    Excellent GA, I'll be happy to contribute to your writing or info on the game if you're interested in some help.
  5. PittsburghAfterDark

    Phantasy Star Universe Players/Game Discussion

    After having a major PSO addiction in the DC days, but bored to death with the Game Cube EP 1&2 and oh that GAWD AWFUL PSO Episode III, the beta last weekend broke me down and I'm going to do PSU. I'm wondering if I'm going to be one of the lone CAG's out there given that this game is full...
  6. PittsburghAfterDark

    EA sells Tiger Woods cheats on XBL

    You can argue about the merits about unlockable vs. purchases all day long. I don't have a problem making unlockables paid for content if you're not willing to invest the time to max out your golfer and unlock every single course on the disc. However they should still be accessable free if...
  7. PittsburghAfterDark

    EA sells Tiger Woods cheats on XBL

    The only way to confirm download success is by companies making PR announcements. They aren't tracked by NPD data. I just remember a month or so after the COD2 map pack releases Activision stated they had made an additional $1 million just from the downloads. So we only have that to go by...
  8. PittsburghAfterDark

    10/17 XBOX LIVE Down for Maintenance - "Cool Stuff" Revealed

    Maybe they're going to make the entire Xbox library backwards compatible... finally. I know, long shot, but I can hope. I don't like to think I kept Psychonauts and Stranger's Wrath for nothing.
  9. PittsburghAfterDark

    Gears Of War Late Night Event - Saturday 10/21

    Boy, this deserves no one's attention.... Capital "L" ame.
  10. PittsburghAfterDark

    GRAW Update images and info!

    Every time I play this game with 8 or more people I get horrible lag. I played a CAG session the week after this came out and all night we spent switching hosts to get a decent connection, we never did. Putting in 16 bots is going to make a bad thing worse. As much as this game is pretty cool...
  11. PittsburghAfterDark

    "WII" to change again?

    Couldn't have said it better. This thing is set in stone. Like I said, if it establishes itself as a great product the name is irrelevant and will be called a brilliant move in establishing a new brand and a new gameplay concept.
  12. PittsburghAfterDark

    "WII" to change again?

    They could call it "Steaming Pile of Dog Dung" and Nintendo fans would buy it. Given how pointless some names have become, you know seemingly silly, they can call it anything and if it's a good product it's then viewed as a "brilliant marketing strategy establishing a new brand".
  13. PittsburghAfterDark

    How's this 360 DVD remote?

    Splurge and get the Harmony 360 remote. I never, ever, ever, ever thought I'd say a remote was worth $100 ($70 after rebate.) but this thing is f'in incredible. If you have a ton of components around your 360, DVD player, TV, reciver, PS2, Xbox, stereo, cable box/satellite box. It can...
  14. PittsburghAfterDark

    Hey Guys! Merry Fitzmas!

    Rove Won't Be Charged in CIA Leak Case Jun 13 9:54 AM US/Eastern By JOHN SOLOMON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON Top White House aide Karl Rove has been told by prosecutors he won't be charged with any crimes in the investigation into the leak of a CIA officer's identity, his lawyer said...
  15. PittsburghAfterDark

    BC update out now! 21 games! Doom 3 and Lego Star Wars!

    I need Psychonauts and Stranger's Wrath. They're the only 2 Xbox games I kept outside Halo and Halo 2.
  16. PittsburghAfterDark

    Oblivion or GRAW?

    I have to say that for FPS, GRAW isn't the best on the 360. That belongs to COD2. Since they patched it and with the new maps that game might as well be welded to my DVD drive. I haven't put enough time into Oblivion to comment on it. From what I have seen? It's hands down the best...
  17. PittsburghAfterDark

    Al-Zarqawi is dead.

    Wow, fun with false quotes sure is fun.
  18. PittsburghAfterDark

    Al-Zarqawi is dead.

    All that work for stuff I won't read and don't care about. Definition of loser you are.
  19. PittsburghAfterDark

    Al-Zarqawi is dead.

    I'm not surprised by the kook theories demonstrated by the idiots that populate this board. 1. How did they get his fingerprints? Answer: He was held by Jordan for years in their prison system. They had his fingerprints and shared them with the U.S. military and CIA. I wouldn't be surprised...
  20. PittsburghAfterDark

    First images of Call of Duty 3

    A good FPS is a good FPS. I don't care if it's modern like GRAW, historical like COD2 or futuristic like PDZ, Quake IV or Halo 2. It's my favorite genre to play online and BTW.... how many games can you buy that aren't reviewed before hand???
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