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  1. skwak

    CAGcast #731: The New Home of Jumping Food

    Since you brought up Ohio being weird for how much we trust people to do the right thing, are we also the only state with you-pick junkyards and strawberry fields?
  2. skwak

    CAGcast #717: A True Online Adventure

    My favorite part of The New Guy was the flaming marshmallow to the eye.
  3. skwak

    CAGcast #688: Death, Taxes, and Ads in VR

    I live in northwest Ohio and we have a hometown hamburger place called Kewpee that puts olives on their burgers, so that doesn't seem weird to me, but the paste that Shipwreck talked about sounds gross.
  4. skwak

    CAGcast #674: Making Games is Easy

    100% correct on Tom & Jerry. I paused it at one point for my kid to go to the bathroom thinking it was close to ending, and it was only half over. It really drags its way through to the end.
  5. skwak

    CAGcast #635: Mice in the Cutlery

    Curious if Shipwreck will get the new Funko Pop of his namesake?
  6. skwak

    CAGcast #635: Mice in the Cutlery

    What's the streak for Cheapy making a Poochy reference on the show?
  7. skwak

    CAGcast #634: How Wombat Really Got His Name

    Wombat with the LFO reference really got me this week.
  8. skwak

    CAGcast #632: TestStop

    I would like to see Tails in the sequel, but only if he pulls a Hulk Hogan from Bash At The Beach and turns on Sonic to join Eggman.
  9. skwak

    CAGcast #598: Up in Feet

    That must be a thing.
  10. skwak

    CAGcast #598: Up in Feet

    Wombat, I saw this at the gift shop of the Columbus Zoo and thought you would enjoy seeing it.[attachment=32556:IMG_20190731_161821.jpg]
  11. skwak

    CAGcast #577: Greyhound Gang

    Is there an XP Booster available for DMV Simulator?
  12. skwak

    CAGcast #567: 31 From 6 to 8

    As a lifelong resident of Ohio, I found it weird that there aren't standard trick or treat times everywhere. Shipwreck, you are not alone.
  13. skwak

    CAGcast #547: Super Negative Warhead

    Cheapy, you said customer service at Best Buy wasn't that bad. I remember a conversation from a CAGcast a long time ago where you had trouble buying something in the store that you pre-ordered online, or something along those lines. Didn't you have to talk to several employees, and it took an...
  14. skwak

    CAGcast #531: Hot Topics and Pockets

    Cheapy (or Mrs. Cheapy), Japanese question for you. My kids' judo instructor tells the class to yell banjo if they need to use the bathroom. From online translators, it sounds like this may not be the best word for kids to use. Is he teaching my kids to curse in Japanese?
  15. skwak

    CAGcast #524: Happy ThankXgiving!

    Wombat, can you post that picture of The CD Return Guy here?
  16. skwak

    CAGcast #508: SWBINP

    Shipwreck's basement video had a lot of views because everyone watched it twice. Once on their own, a second time with their wife to show that their collection isn't so bad.
  17. skwak

    CAGcast #505: Nerds to the Core

    The description Cheapy gave of The Accountant sounds familiar. Did you talk about this movie on a previous episode?
  18. skwak

    CAGcast #483: Waggle is Back, Bitches!

    Great Wolf Lodge should really be a show sponsor.
  19. skwak

    CAGcast #480: Needs More Smurfberries

    Forget the pay wall, I can't even get Super Mario Run to download.
  20. skwak

    CAGcast #479: Oy Vey

    Looking forward to listening!
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