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  1. Rhippo

    H: Majoras Mask Platinum Reward Soundtrack W: Club Nintendo Codes, Paypal

    Thank you! Wow do I feel like a dumbass....
  2. Rhippo

    H: Majoras Mask Platinum Reward Soundtrack W: Club Nintendo Codes, Paypal

    Ok this may be a dumb question from  a guy who has been on this site for years. How do you upload a picture? Cant figure this out
  3. Rhippo

    H: Majoras Mask Platinum Reward Soundtrack W: Club Nintendo Codes, Paypal

    I saw it already went oos but I am still looking for coins to build up the account. Still have the cd sitting unopened. 
  4. Rhippo

    H: Majoras Mask Platinum Reward Soundtrack W: Club Nintendo Codes, Paypal

    I have the Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask Soundtrack Platinum Reward from Club Nintendo Unopened. I'm looking for club Nintendo codes to earn enough points for the Luigi statue. Open to offers just send a PM.
  5. Rhippo

    Free $30 Game of Your Choice - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Thanks for the contest OP. I to would have to chose Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy 3ds if I won.
  6. Rhippo

    Britney Spears Twisted Fantasy Perfume?

    I work at Kohls part time and we carry it, with all the different sales, pick a days, and other crap we have going on you could get a pretty good deal.
  7. Rhippo

    Rocko's Modern Life The Complete Series DVD Preorder (2nd Round 250 Litho) $29.93

    Thanks OP, loved the show when it was out and will probably appreciate it more now that I'm old enough to get all the humor and its a beautiful litho. If I could just get something like this for the rugrats.
  8. Rhippo

    Club Nintendo's 2012 Platinum and Gold Prizes

    I personally like the playing cards and will add them to my fallout and fable ones from past collector editions. Free is free. It's not like they have to offer the reward program so take what they give you and stop whining about your FREE stuff not being good enough. Oh and to everyone...
  9. Rhippo

    Official Collector's Edition Compilation thread (Latest: Grand Theft Auto V CE/SE)

    I also agree the flag is a bit disrespectful not to mention I just cant imagine displaying it. I don't know anyone who would wear the belt buckle and the statue is pretty cool but I still see this ending up like all the others and being $30 a year after it comes out. Vanilla copy for me in the...
  10. Rhippo

    Alien Anthology Blu-Ray 29.99 @ Amazon

    thanks op and with the credit i had i only paid $18
  11. Rhippo

    Pokemon Conquest $29.99 via Amazon

    Walked into Gamestop yesterday (McHenery, IL) and picked up a copy no reserve. Manager had about a dozen more copies sitting there with no pre-orders on them.
  12. Rhippo

    Free $10 PSN card @ Langers Juice w/4 proofs of purchase

    Both my cards arrived today it was about 3 week turn around for me.
  13. Rhippo

    LEGO Deals 2

    Kids Woot has a Lego Ninjago Chopov Watch for $7.99 today. Looks like they normal retail at $25.
  14. Rhippo

    Where to but Ipad?

    Agreed..... but hey maybe then I get on the news lol.
  15. Rhippo

    Where to but Ipad?

    Ok so I'm going to break down and buy the new Ipad but im not really sure where. I know pricing will be the same across the board so it's not a big deal where but I was just looking for some feedback on what you guys thought or if anyone had any recomendations. I can get double reward points if...
  16. Rhippo

    Club Nintendo February deals games now live.

    Just got my case today and its just like the review says. Its like any other game ds game case as far as quality but holds 18 games inside. It snaps shut tight and the games fit snuggly in their slots. Covers look great and are a little more heavy duty than a regular game cover insert I would...
  17. Rhippo

    Club Nintendo February deals games now live.

    Also picked up one of the cases. Love the Zelda design to go with my Zelda 3DS.
  18. Rhippo

    Nintendo DSi w/ Pokemon Heart Gold (Child's Play Charity Auction)

    Here is the listing A % of proceeds go to Child's Play.
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