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  1. kube00

    WTS Some Classics

    Woah, some goodies. Got pics of the N64/Gamecube stuff? Prices?
  2. kube00

    [H]Games for NeoGeo CD, Saturn, Playstation, Dreamcast, PC, Strategy Guides [W]PP

    Are the DC games imports or NTSC? Interested in a few things
  3. kube00

    Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVIII

    Whats the plan for the pc? I was thinking it could be a nice pc for my entertainment center downstairs
  4. kube00

    H: $200 Best Buy Gift Card W: PP

  5. kube00

    2024 Thrift Store And Yard Sale Pickups Thread

    all of this from one Goodwill or multiple Goodwills?
  6. kube00

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Month Membership $28 (Also $100 Amazon Gift Card $94)

    Thanks op got a few orders for Gamepass
  7. kube00

    WTB Games from Older Systems (up to PS2)

    still  looking for Mario 64 and Street Fighter II snes? 
  8. kube00

    H: PS1 Games, Sealed Xbox Games, N64 Repro, Gamestop Promo - W: F.E.A.R. Items, PP, Games or ?

    bump kinda interested in the custom n64 game
  9. kube00

    2023 Thrift Store AND Yard Sale Pickups Thread

    The GB player cover has some value.
  10. kube00

    Anyone doing the BF games spreadsheet this year?

    The discord has a BF channel...seems to be getting a lot of activity. Discord can be hard to track stuff sometimes
  11. kube00


    Still got the $50 to Xbox?
  12. kube00

    Walmart, Target, PSN, XBOX or Nintendo eshop GC - $44- PP Friends and Family

    Still got the digital currency, can you pm me?
  13. kube00

    Steam deck upgraded to 1TB $400 shipped

bread's done