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    Winners listed in OP - 1 of 3 PNY GeForce GTX 750ti Cards From CAG & Newegg!

    Sure could use a new video card! And a new CPU! And a new power MOBO...
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    CAGcast #403: S.A.D.

    Great show as always. Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms and now he'll be in the bomb Batman vs. Supes. Don't know why DC cant see their tone is all wrong. Daredevil hits exactly the right tone, dark, disturbing, but also human and even funny. I would love a copy of GTAV on PC, Cheapy :)
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    CAGcast #375: King of Easy: Try Harder

    Wombat, use the power of CAG and your respective twitter accounts to promote the features you want on Xbox One. Anyone can submit an idea to and have it voted upon. Your weather, news, tile idea is already up but needs more support...
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    CAGcast #374: You're Welcome, Everyone

    Wombat, a Harmony remote works great with the Xbox One. I have two activities set up for it "Watch TV" where all the video controls are for the cable box and "Play Xbox" which changes everything to control the Xbox menus. Since the inputs are the same, pressing the activity buttons switches...
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    CAGcast #373: Exciting Story, Morning Glory!

    Ship, everyone knows that Haribo is the best brand of gummi bears, hands down.  Super Combo Man code would be nice too!
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    RT @MLBFanCave: Followers to RETWEET can win a limited-edition #ASG bat from @sluggernation...

    RT @MLBFanCave: Followers to RETWEET can win a limited-edition #ASG bat from @sluggernation.
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    CAGcast #366: Smart Shoes

    Cheapy, the Jilian Michaels Yoga is free too(at least for a limited time). They have been consistently adding more workouts which is great - the Mossa ones being my favorite. Here's my thoughts on keeping Kinect and dropping the price to $400. Phil Spencer takes over, goes to Nadella and says...
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    CAGcast #363: I'd Rather Be Playing HearthStone

    Something I think people keep overlooking is that not everyone who wanted to play Titanfall waited until March to buy an Xbox One. If you were interested in the game last year, and wanted to "jump in" to next gen, why wouldn't you have already purchased a console? Titanfall is most definitely a...
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    CAGcast #361: MMNO

    Cheapy D, are you suggesting that Microsoft should've given Sony free reign on sales and released the Xbox One later? I personally think they made the right move and they are fixing things/adding features every month. Did you say "Xbox, Select" to bring up the voice command options on that...
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    One week of free Gold for Live being out for a couple of hours on Titanfall launch day...

    One week of free Gold for Live being out for a couple of hours on Titanfall launch day
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    CAGcast #359: Prepare for Wingfall

    Wombat, in Titanfall matches the AI grunts and Spectres spawn in (sometimes from drop pods) close to where the action is happening so if you are off in a corner, you won't see anyone to shoot there. A good perk to start with (i think it's available at level 3) is the minion detector which shows...
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    "@Stepto: Titanfall converts a Playstation fanboy."

    "@Stepto: Titanfall converts a Playstation fanboy."
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    I did a playtest at Bungie and while I can't talk about the game, I can say they had numerous copies of the Defiance game around the office. Watching the videos they've released where a bunch of players fought a giant bug/mech and then playing Defiance where I fought a giant bug and creepers...
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    Add one more to the list: Steam has been down for the past several hours now. Something must be awry on the internet :|
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    Ah, ok! If you want an experience similar to Destiny right now, try the Defiance MMO. It's remarkably similar to what Destiny is going for.
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    Destiny is most definitely not a drop in, drop out multiplayer game. It is a story-based, exploration-heavy shooter with long mission quests similar to Borderlands.
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    It sounded like Wombat didn't try any of the many awesome User Created levels in Project Spark. The recreation of Fable 1 is pretty amazing. I played a Zelda-like game with multiple worlds and quests. The pinball level, while a little janky is pretty impressive too. Dakotris 2.0 is a fun Tetris...
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    CAGcast #358: Drumming

    It had nothing to do with the servers that Titanfall was running on. It was only the Microsoft sign-in authentication servers. Arthur Gies from Polygon was saying on Twitter that it was possibly a DDoS attack. Twitter went down for 30 minutes, Github, Salesforce, Feedly and all had...
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    RT @pkollar: Jesus, Sammy, I love fries too, but you need to have some self-respect...

    RT @pkollar: Jesus, Sammy, I love fries too, but you need to have some self-respect
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    PS4 Gold Wireless Headset $88, Turtle Beach XO Four $88+more

    Another Best Buy store pickup disaster. I get the email that my XO Four is ready to pick up, drive 30 minutes over there and the lady spends 20 minutes looking around for my order. Finally she comes back and says that they marked it as picked but the store hadn't received any yet (no XO Sevens...
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