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  1. Kreutz

    Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - 6/25 - 800 pts.

    Save for the season pass to get both plus two more? But, as for those two, I liked Torgue's better. It is funny as hell, and adds a nice variety of enemies. It is a little easier, and shorter, if that matters. Additionally, Torgue's has the seraph crystal vendor and torgue machines...
  2. Kreutz

    AMC's The Walking Dead - S3 2nd half starts 02/10/13 9PM ET

    I did not like Rick's break in the show. There was so much more weighing upon him in the comics that led to the phone scene. While he may not have the same degree of autonomy, TV Rick seems to be far more reactive and less in control, and he came across as more detached from Lori than in the...
  3. Kreutz

    AMC's The Walking Dead - S3 2nd half starts 02/10/13 9PM ET

    Does anyone know of a good site to watch tonight's episode? I missed it, and it sounds like one I don't want to wait until next week for.
  4. Kreutz

    Family names, am I crazy?

    It will be asked... What is your name? Anyways, I'd be bothered. My family has a tradition, of sorts, where the first son's middle name is passed on. If/when I have a son I will pass on the middle name (Allen for those curious). My younger sister has a son, but she wants me to pass on the...
  5. Kreutz

    Play Video Games in Public Day (10/01)

    ^ Hasn't La Blue Girl been advocating that for years now?
  6. Kreutz

    XBLA - Scott Pilgrim vs the World - 800 points - Online Multiplayer DLC coming soon!

    Hurray for the online multiplayer, now I might play this one again-ish.
  7. Kreutz

    Movie Mashups You'd Like to See

    Judge Dredd and Robocop! or... How about Rambo and Commando ;)
  8. Kreutz

    Best place to pickup chicks?

    But not on Sunday!
  9. Kreutz

    Need help with a bully

    Panzer nailed it.
  10. Kreutz

    screw best buy

    I want to make sure I understand the scenario first: On November 28, 2011, you purchased a printer with retail value of $89.99 for $25. Tuesday, April 24, 2012, you brought the printer in for repairs or a replacement as it was under warrenty. Today, April 26, 2012, you found out that Best...
  11. Kreutz

    Caine's Arcade -Watch this video. It is all kinds of awesome!!!

    Saw an article about this on Joystiq earlier today and thought it was cool then. Just watched the video again and still very cool. :applause:
  12. Kreutz

    Dead Island - Who Do You Voodoo B***h?

    yes, except the survival DLC - which has novelty (okay, so the idea is as old as time now...) but loses its appeal quickly
  13. Kreutz

    Who wears hats?!

    Like a trilby or a bowler or something? Maybe elaborate on your preference for hats beyond "black-fitted" ;)
  14. Kreutz

    What is better for a college student, netbook or tablet?

    I can't speak for the benefits of a tablet as I have not used one for school, but I have been using a Samsung NC10 netbook since 2008 for all my computing needs. I added an extra gig of RAM (swapped the stick it came with for a lager one) but otherwise have been using the netbook as it was 4...
  15. Kreutz

    Alright, Michael Bay has gone too far.

    "How can Michael Bay make a TMNT movie, there is nothing to blow up!" - My Wife I think this says it all.
  16. Kreutz

    2 Celebrities separated by decades who look like twins.

    ^ that one is my favorite so far, too
  17. Kreutz

    AMC's The Walking Dead - S3 2nd half starts 02/10/13 9PM ET

    The speculation is that this secret will be revealed before the end of this season, and that it is probably the notion that everyone is already infected and will rise as a zombie regardless of the circumstances of their death.
  18. Kreutz

    Need help RE-finding a movie - FOUND IT

    The vore tube... wow, just wow. Is this some sort of strange eating fetish site? That might be an exaggeration, but you have introduced, to me, an internet curiosity I was better off not knowing about... Also, my first thought when you mentioned this was Species.
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