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  1. Osiris11235

    CAG Maintenance/Upgrade - Now Live!

    The new layout seems mobile focused to a fault.  It looks very compressed on my computer, and provides less information on the home page. I am definitely not a fan.
  2. Osiris11235

    Best Buy Presiden't Day Sale - Epic Mickey 2 - $4.99

    @OP - Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the deal until I saw your thread.
  3. Osiris11235

    GameFly PC Download Sales 7/2-7/9: Skyrim $16 and More

    It's amazing how stunning the game looks with mods like the Static Mesh Improvement Mod, and some of the 2K and 4K texture packs. It's truly night and day.
  4. Osiris11235

    What to play after Skyrim?

    Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition or Fallout 3 GOTY Edition. Maybe Oblivion.
  5. Osiris11235

    Get 100 Free Microsoft Points courtesy of Scotiabank (Canada)

    Age of majority is a philosophical and legal term dating back to at least the time of John Stuart Mill (go AP Gov!).
  6. Osiris11235

    Uncharted 3 Find the Ring Facebook Promotion [AMAZON GCs EMAILED OUT]

    Yay, I found a regular edition (even though I already own it and wanted CE). Thanks dude!
  7. Osiris11235

    Twitter Contest, Chance to Win Skyrim on PC

    Awesome contest! I just entered. My twitter account is @Osiris11235
  8. Osiris11235

    H: Gears 3 - Adam Fenix Skin W: Mechanic Baird / Savage Grenadier

    H: Gears 3 - Adam Fenix Skin W: Mechanic Baird / Savage Grenadier
  9. Osiris11235

    Free Fable III DLC Contest

    Link's Crossbow Training
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