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  1. Sleepkyng

    FS: Sony Vita (OLED), SNES Bundle (rpgs, etc). Want: $$$

    everything is still available
  2. Sleepkyng

    FS: Sony Vita (OLED), SNES Bundle (rpgs, etc). Want: $$$

    I'm looking for a Nintendo switch :)
  3. Sleepkyng

    FS: Sony Vita (OLED), SNES Bundle (rpgs, etc). Want: $$$

    Selling my PS Vita (OLED). Is a refurbed model, has no issues. Holds a great battery. I've put maybe 200 hours into it.  Comes with: 32 GB Memory Card Persona 4 Golden Murasma Rebirth World of Final Fantasy L3 and R3 Grip from Play Asia $SOLD Shipped in US Also selling my original SNES that...
  4. Sleepkyng

    PlayStation TV $20 / bundle $30 at Walmart B&M

    I'm interested in either an 8gb or 16gb card from the bundle if anyone has One they'd sell. Pm me!
  5. Sleepkyng

    Want to Buy PS4 games

    i got a copy of destiny - $20 shipped?
  6. Sleepkyng

    Wtb: vita memory, persona 4 golden. Have: random stuff, cash

    Long time no see CAG. Looking for: Vita memory: 8,16 gb Persona 4 golden Other cool vita games idk For sale: PS4: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD w FFXV beta (unclaimed) - $20 shipped Destiny - $10 shipped Other shit: Roku 3 - $50 shipped (controller, box, power)
  7. Sleepkyng

    OTT 586: The Legend Continues

    wow can't believe OTT still exists. 
  8. Sleepkyng

    The finger-pointing thread.

    D. M. Peabody and Capricious Airs from Adrian Sanders
  9. Sleepkyng

    You can't lock the OTT until a new one is created!

    this thing still on?
  10. Sleepkyng

    The OTT has an unhealthy relationship with ...

    i'm coming back to the usa!
  11. Sleepkyng

    I'm in the OTT at (via foursquare)

    back in new york for a few days... considering moving back to the US.
  12. Sleepkyng

    You Down with OTT (Yeah you know me)

    stop calling for me.
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