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    Black Friday VG deals spreadsheet megathread

    Lol Red dead 2 is advertised as a $25 Black Friday special at Walmart, but you can buy it on their site right now for... $19.99.
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    The Gamestop Thread

    OK before I plunge into the world of Gamestop customer service, let me know how this is going to go - I ordered 5 used games at the 50% off deal, 4 have arrived, but on the little paper slip in the envelope, and in the tracking email, it says all 5 should be in there. I'm missing a game. What...
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    The Gamestop Thread

    Oh wow, looks like there's one near me closing. I've been out of the loop on this, what kind of deals do they have at closing stores?
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    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    Pretty sure they stopped doing the Gold edition merges...or at least, it didn't happen with Far Cry 5 gold/steelbook versions. It did eventually clearance out and I got one for 29.98 which is still a great deal you couldn't get at any other store.
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    The Gamestop Thread

    Has anyone had their Gamestop 15% rakuten cashback appear yet? Mine appears there under shopping trips but no actual cash yet. Of course I got my shitty ones (like 1%) from Best Buy and Target from the same time period.
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    The Gamestop Thread

    Wow, a couple of Switch Pokemon games I ordered didn't even have the dignity of a blank case, they were just in those shitty yellow paper CD holders.
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    Target Black Friday 2020 Ad

    Yes going by past form there are going to be a lot more games in the 14.99 section. Target does this every year, usually hiding the actual desirable titles!
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    Walmart Black Friday Ad 2020 - 11/25

    When GAMESTOP beats your BF prices, pretty sad.
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    The Gamestop Thread

    How do you use this coupon? Will they be able to get it out of your account in store? There's nothing to print out or to show on your phone.
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    The Gamestop Thread

    Hi, can someone clarify the CA trade-in deal...does any/every game get a 50% bonus? And its for Pro members only? (So basically its a 60% bonus with pro?) Thanks
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    Target Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

    Site is so confusing! whats the best way to search through all the $15 games, can you only do it by platform? edit - lmao OK figured it out
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    Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

    Was Pokeball plus ever in stock for shipping? Shows store pickup only
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    Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

    Pretty sure Days Gone will be $20 again before Xmas, maybe even on Cyber Monday, so I'm cheap enough to hold out for it when its $16 GCU
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    Walmart Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

    Lmao Red Dead Redempiton GOTY was $8 on last year's BF And they seriously have COD Black Ops for the Xbox 360 on there? Like the game from the year 2010? WTF
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    Official Collector's Edition Compilation X - 2019

    Still waiting on the Death Stranding CE from Best buy, but they sent me a digital code with no info about what it is. Anybody else know what it does?
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    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    Assassins Creed Origins I think. Neither Far Cry 5 nor AC Odyssey got merged.
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    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    Saw Batman enemy within for 8.98 - is this still playable? It says you have to download 4 out of the 5 episodes, are they still available online?
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    Best Buy Black Friday in July Sale (7/26-7/27, Early Access 7/25)

    Lol Mutant league football was $10 a few weeks ago.
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