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    GameStop Cyber Monday Deals: Dirt Showdown, Witcher 2 $9.99 & More - Now Live!

    My copy of Dirt Showdown PS 3 arrived today- Brand NEW, sealed. My copy of Witcher 2 also arrived today and is Enhansed edition with clear plastic wrap alloutside the sleeve and also factory sealed with wrap plastic the game case itself, so I guess it depends of your luck to get guted copy.
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    PS3 Holiday Bundle $199 + S/H + Tax (BF Price available right now)

    I thought Toys R Us offer free Air Flo controller with the bundle if you pick up at the store on Black Friday. I do not see it with this bundle online, isn't it?
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    Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition 17.99 used (360\ps3) (Possible conversion) YMMV

    Yes they converted the new to used copies about 4 weeks ago. I thnk there was a thread about it as well. I got mine just about 4 weeks ago.
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    The OFFICIAL GameStop Converted to Pre-Owned Thread *Latest: AC:Black Flag PS4, GoW:Ascension

    The loyalty card (power zone card) does give you 10 % extra off since these are sold as used items. Also you can return the games within 7 days if you want for full refund.
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    The OFFICIAL GameStop Converted to Pre-Owned Thread *Latest: AC:Black Flag PS4, GoW:Ascension

    I picked up yesterday COD Modern Warfare 3 Hardened edition- brand new, but converted to used and Deux Ex Human Revolution (Augmented) also new, but converted to used. Both were converted sometimes last week some trime I think.
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    Kmart PSP Clearance, Core and Cars/Fifa bundle now on clearance as well as past model

    I got the same bundle last Saturday, but no gift card came with it. No complains since the deal is great, but just curious how did you get the gift card? Is it some new promotion this week?
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    Possible Playstation Plus 12 month discount

    Well this have been the price in Target website online for the last week, but have been out of stock so far. I even tried to pricematch inmtheir store with no success. I will be interested at that price.
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    Best Buy Used DOTW: 10/21/2012 - 10/27/2012

    Same hapens with me at first, than the CS asociate resolve the problem as they manualy overwrite the price to $14.99. This was enough so the computer system will allow use of $10 discount cupon and I got 10% off of remaning $4.99. After all I got it for $4.49 not bad
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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition (PS3) $29.99 at Best Buy

    It is backordered for shipping. It may take 4 weeks to shipp and in some cases as with other games in the past if they do not receive additional quantities your order will be canceled
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    Playstation 3D Display $199.99 at GameStop & Best Buy

    I am on the fence to buy it, but was wondering if $199 is the new MSRP price for this monitor. I looked it at few Best Buy stores in my area as well as Game Stops and all have a regular price tag of $199, not CLEARANCE or SALES tag. Having in mind that this is the second week with the same price...
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    PSPgo Now $69.99 Used @ GameStop

    This thread is the reason I got PSP Go today. I was trying to resist for few days, but could not hold any longer after I red all your posts. Finaly I went today to my local GS (was secretly hoping GOs are sold out), but they have 4 in stock. Especialy one of them was looking like brand new, so...
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    PSPgo Now $69.99 Used @ GameStop

    They have all PSP used on sale now. Ckeck their web site: www. PSP 1000 - $59.99 PSP 2000 - $69.99 PSP 3000 - $79.99
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    Dirt 3 Complete Used $13.50 @ GS w/PUR coupon+ BB TIV on D3 original is 16 = Upgrade!

    I tracked for a while used Dirt 3 complete in GS with no success, than one day last week a stoped at my local BB that never carried used games only to finmd that they now they have them. Quick browsing and found the gem. Dirt 3 complete for XBOX 360 used. It was $24.99, but I was happy and after...
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    mortal kombat fight stick $40 @ gamestop online

    oos already whoever get it congratulations
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    New Gears of War 3 9.99 @ Bjs

    aperantly all orders are canceled for oos reason, so no hopes there. They just do not want to admit their mistake. Terrible do not bother with the anymore, they are unreliable
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    Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector's Edition $39.99 (X-Box 360) Best Buy YMMV

    Absolutely YMMV ! I tried today all variations at my local BB (ya the gaming salesman was cool) with and without steelbook, scaning steelbook first and last and all of this, but the PS3 version scanned at $79.99 with free steelbook and that it was the best coming out. I could not try XBOX 360...
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    Official Sears Clearance Thread II - post Sears finds/deals here

    Somebody call the Sherriff Lock him out ! Lock him out ! :lol::lol:
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    AC BROTHERHOOD CE PS3/ XBOX 360 - $30 Best Buy in store

    It is AC Brotherhood CE - $30 IN STORE Best Buy
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    AC BROTHERHOOD CE PS3/ XBOX 360 - $30 Best Buy in store

    Assassin's Creed Collector's Edition - New (ps 3 and xbox 360) is $30 + tax at Best Buy in store only. I got one each.
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    Turtle Beach X41 $80, Kinect w/ Adventure Game Bundle $75 (Refurbished) @Newegg

    Are you sure? I thought I saw them for $89 not $55.
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