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    FA: High End Paladin

    Thanks for all the replies. :) Pally has been sold. I've put a 70 ranger with 720AAs up for auction at: Ranger Auction Good luck!
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    FA: High End Paladin

    For auction: High End Pally I'll consider trades in WoW, EQ2 or possible some other MMORPG type of game.
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    What Mozilla Extensions Do You Have Installed? 46 Extensions Installed!

    Maybe Mozilla considers it somewhat not fully compatible with current version?
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    Free MMORPG's and more..

    Well, Ultima Online can also be free if played on fan-made emulation servers. I mention UO (not EQ which has really horrible emulation) because from what I remember UO fan servers were quite well run and had a wide variety of rulesets to pick from. It's been a few years now, so not sure how...
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    Gaming Laptop

    Dell used to be pretty much the only choice for good gaming laptop a few years ago, when they were the only ones putting in decent video cards in them. Now your choices are a bit wider. Sager has been around, but to be honest, I haven't seen much from them price/perfomance wise. Well, Alienware...
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    Download free GTA, GTA2 from Rockstar

    The game engine just wasn't ready for prime time on GTA, imho of course.
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    How to change a Snes game-save battery!

    Good tip about buying the batteries in bulk. If you go to a specialty store, usually they do overcharge you if you buy a single battery. It's one of those high margin items for a store..
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