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    The Sims 4 Standard Edition [Free @ Origin]

    I also only had the option to gift. But I was able to add to my wishlist. Then go into the wishlist and the get free option is in there. At least it worked for me.
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    Thinkgeek Pi Day Sale

    There was always the fear of the big 3 going digital or stopping used games from working. Most of Gamestop's money comes from used game sales. It seems like the infrastructure is finally in place for the big 3 to push digital sales either this gen or the next. Certainly consumer preference is...
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    Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC $49.99 @

    Lol, I'm just an idiot. I didn't remove it from the package and I thought it was the S. Then when I later took it out of the package to return I was shocked to see that it actually was an SFC. So I did keep it and I'm pretty happy given the price.
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    Hyperkin SupaBoy SFC $49.99 @

    Price is up to $60.  I missed the Amazon price match so I tried Walmart.  And it is the S version, not the SFC.  Will be returning.  
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    Far Cry 5 $14.99 | Fallout 76 $19.99 | FFXV: Royal Edition $14.99 | GTA V $14.99 | Starlink $14.99 (NSW $19.99) & MORE @ Newegg

    Code no longer works.  I got an error saying code Error The promo code EMCTVTD52 has been closed and is no longer active. I checked and I'm signed up for the newsletter.  Glad others got in on the deal.  I'll just wait for those games to hit those prices in the future.
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    PSA: Original Wii Store Closing January 30th. Unused Wii Points Will Be Forfeited. (I know, not a deal)

    Yeah, I mean I probably get it at some point. But then part of me doesn't. The Wii had the crazy 40 MB game limit for most of (all?) it's life. So probably 2 GB on a server somewhere would be enough to hold the entire game library. The problem amplifies with current systems where games are...
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    Nintendo eShop Deals - 2/11: Capcom/Namco/Ubisoft Sales! $20 Hades, $40 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, & More!

    Nice buy. I couldn't justify another 3DS, but I was tempted to grab that. Still wondering if I made the right decision to pass.
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    Nintendo eShop Deals - 2/11: Capcom/Namco/Ubisoft Sales! $20 Hades, $40 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, & More!

    I don't really get the hate on steam. More games and cheaper prices is a big win for consumers. Is it more difficult to find all the good games because of the crap? Sure. But you ignoring that steam was the platform that allowed these indie games to flourish so they could bring higher...
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    Best Buy GCU is being Discontinued?

    It's true that it is small, but it's still positive if you take out the 20% discount. So they aren't losing money by running the program. It's also likely that because the program has used game benefits that you are also feeding more high margin business to Best Buy either through additional...
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    Best Buy GCU is being Discontinued?

    Gamestop is a public company which has financials available. They primarily sell video game hardware and software. Their Gross margin in 2017 was 33%. For reference, in 2016 it was 35%. In their initial section to shareholders they mention increases in video game hardware and software sales...
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    Best Buy GCU is being Discontinued?

    To be fair, other than GCU ending, all these forum pages are speculation. It's likely the margins for Best Buy weren't huge, but until someone posts a contract that Best Buy had for buying games it's speculation that they lost money with GCU. I mean I'm glad some unnamed person had access to...
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    Best Buy GCU is being Discontinued?

    We don't really know what Best Buy paid for the games they were selling at 20% discount to GCU members. So it's speculative to say they lost money on those sales. I tend to think they still made money and they got bigger discounts than we thought. I think this is more related to the lack of...
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    PSA: Amazon Prime going up to $119/yr starting May 11

    Not that I want to defend Amazon here, but I didn't see this mentioned.  I break up all my orders and use slow shipping for the $1 digital credit.  In 2016, I received $117 in credit back from Amazon.  Didn't get as much in 2017 because there was a period of time Amazon didn't offer me the...
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    RetroN 5 $129.99 with free shipping @ ThinkGeek - The RetroN 5 deals thread

    I've found that grabbing the corner of the cart and using it like a level is an easier way to get the carts out. They slide out with a moderate amount of force for me. In a prior post they talked about SNES lag. Anyone else experience this? Playing Super Mario Kart I definitely can notice...
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    RetroN 5 $129.99 with free shipping @ ThinkGeek - The RetroN 5 deals thread

    If Amazon getting them late is true, it probably means that Amazon worked out a special deal to still make $ off their $99 pre-orders.  Amazon has more clout than Hyperkin and could probably demand that Hyperkin hold their original wholesale price.  Hyperkin is probably punishing them by giving...
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    RetroN 5 $129.99 with free shipping @ ThinkGeek - The RetroN 5 deals thread

    I think it depends on the tv. I have a panasonic plasma that I've played NES/SNES/Gen on. With a/v cables they all lag badly. With rf out, they don't lag. Must just be the way my tv processes it. Its not that big of deal to me though. I got that component to rf input for like 4 dollars so I can...
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    Wii U games at (NSMBU $40/BLOPS2 $30/Lego Undercover $40)

    You could only use a quick save one time between castles. Otherwise it was the same as a normal save. If you beat a castle or get an item (if I remember correctly) you could save. So I'd either save an item house until I wanted to save or go back to a castle and look for the 3 star medals for...
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    EA puts an end to its Online Pass program IS IT TRUE?!?

    It could mean that the next consoles have blocking capability but I don't think it will happen. I think: A. The $10 online pass is pretty ineffective. EA closes their servers so soon that people buying used won't get enough value out of $10. And thus, aren't purchasing the passes. B. EA...
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    Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread VII

    Yeah, and you need to be careful who the 3rd party seller is. gives you LN when it says LN. Usually you'll get good/possibly non-complete, when you use a 3rd party seller. I only purchase 3rd party if my OCD isn't acting up or it's too good of a deal.
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    Legend of Zelda: OoT 3DS $11.98 @ target YMMV

    Good luck on these. I don't doubt someone hasn't gotten a good deal, but my target never has these amazing deals to speak of. I've checked a few times and I always get the full priced versions.
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