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  1. J

    What Systems Do You Own?

    360 PS3 PSP Dreamcast Desktop PC Laptop PC Genesis (Not hooked up) Game Gear
  2. J

    Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway (360) $14.25 @ Amazon

    If your PC is good enough to game on, the PC version will only run you $8 at Newegg, free shipping:
  3. J

    Broken PS2?

    I have a broken PS2 phat, but it's at my house in NH and I'm currently in school in NY. When I get home I'll bring it back out and PM you about it. I'd give it away for it's shipping cost.
  4. J

    Advice on buying a used 60GB PS3

    I was trying to win this (MGSolid86), haha. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere! Congrats cdietschrun! : COD4, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band : MGS: Portable Ops, Castlevania: TDXC
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