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  1. Whoaaa

    Gamer mom/dad thread

    When I became dad thing got different. I don't really have time on gaming, all I do is just play Fortnite on my smartphone. But if I suddenly have extra free time I play it on PC, because it's far more superior. I use this service to boost my rank just to stay in good shape and keep up with the...
  2. Whoaaa

    Trumpcare Could Be Deadly

    Nothing will change really.
  3. Whoaaa

    Fitness thread

    I used to go to gym at my youth, but nowadays I just don't have time for this. What a shame...
  4. Whoaaa

    Should Some Video Games Use A Two Year Life Cycle?

    That's all irrelevant because 'game as a service' now rules the world. 
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