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  1. U Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    I would like to pick up some up some old psp games like twisted metal head on.
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    BestBuy BOGO Free on Selected HDDVD/Blu-Ray Sun 16th - Sat 22nd

    Just did in store pick up on Borne,transformers,chuck and larry,and knocked up. got the email saying my orders are ready for pick up. got to watch these quick, I deploy in 16 days. Bleed Blue Death from above
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    $10 off at Gamefly Store AC for members, check your email

    That is crazy. Ive been a member for a year now and I have not got an email yet.
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    4000 XBLA points $44.44 at + free shipping ($34.44 w/ GCO) (Back Again)

    Killing my wallet. I just orderd heros on HD-DVD and it's alot of great games coming out. Great deal, I may have to pull the trigger.
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    (Dead in-store) NCAA Football 07 (360) = $33.35 credit at FYE; $23 on

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll go after work to trade it in.
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    FYE: 20% Bonus Trade Ins is Back!!! Extended til 7/27 YMMV

    Man! I got to get down on this.
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    360 Elites are in stock at amazon (as of 7/19)

    Would love to get one, but my 360 still gets the job done. If only they added HD DVD playback.
  8. U coupon! $12.75 for 3 out at a time! This is CHEAP!

    Yes, the service sucks now. It's been like 2 weeks and nothing has shipped.
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    Xbox 360 Games On-sale @ Amazon (Lost Planet $54, COD3 $50, MADDEN HOF $45, etc)

    i per ordered it awhile ago and it still says the 59 price. i hope they adjust it before i get charged.
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    gears of war preorder $45.98 shipped @

    28th and still no copy, shipped on the 8th. i guess you get what you pay for. Still no copy at the BX, It's sucks.
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    $5 off $50 order at Play Asia.

    expires 17 DEC IH-ZEE-REF
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    gears of war preorder $45.98 shipped @

    Came on the thread to say that?
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    gears of war preorder $45.98 shipped @

    shipped on the 8th still waitings.
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    gears of war preorder $45.98 shipped @

    shipped on the 8th but still no copy yet. But i'm over seas and they have to ship it to an apo. I swear military gamers always get crapped on and it's still not available at the bx. The price we pay,lol.
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    Tampa Bay Area CAGs...

    damn i miss tampa! Can't wait to come back from korea. 4 more months, Yea mannnnn!
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