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    Wii U Pro Controller $14.91 Sams Club (¡YMMV!)

    Bought two in TN for $14.91 each.  Thanks for the tip!
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    Disney Infinity Accessories Giveaway! (CLOSED - Winner PM'd)

    Thanks for the chance. Congratulations, etcrane!
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    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate YAY OR NAY!?

    I played the game and loved it.  It's fairly straightforward 2D gameplay, but the story is great.  People complain about the length but for a portable game I think it is reasonable.  I completed 100% of the game on normal difficulty in 13-14 hours.  It also inspired me to go out and buy the...
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    CAGcast #316: All Heart

    Great show guys. I used the Gillette Mach 3 for years because of the free one they mailed me when I was in high school. Wombat, you might want to try the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at Disney if you get the chance. My 6 year old and I had a lot of fun playing that when we were at...
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    Gamestop: $10 off Pre-owned $29.99+ Exp. 9/30 (code works instore only)

    Code worked for me. I picked up the Sly Collection.
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    Invisimals Camera Bundle $29.96 @ Amazon - $19.99 Toys R' Us B&M

    Have you checked Toys R Us? I saw a copy for $19.99 a week and a half ago. That sale may have ended now, but at the store I was at it looked like all of their PSP games were marked $19.99 or less.
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    PS3 120gb refurb $179.99 + $5 shipping at Cowboom

    I got 1 a couple of weeks ago when they ran the same deal. I also got the 1 year warranty added on for $20 just in case. So far, so good for me.
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    REFURBISHED Sony 120GB PS3 Slim at Cowboom for 179.99 + 5.00 S/H

    I'm going for it with the 1 year warranty. It's the best price I've seen and if it doesn't work I'll send it back. By the way, I couldn't get those discount codes to work.
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    CAG's Win Everything* Black Friday Bonanza! - Congratulations, thenewnumbertwo!

    That's an awesome package... and probably the only way I'll ever get Kinect or Move.
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