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    CAGcast #773: Just the Right Length

    Epic is actually publishing Alan Wake 2, so I assume they aren’t paying for his inclusion In Fortnite
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    CAGcast #758: Let There Be Shopping!

    Sorry for the confusion, that was directed at cheapy at the end. Not your comment. Sorry about that
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    CAGcast #758: Let There Be Shopping!

    Nice jab at the end about the official stance, what even is the joke there? That the CAGcast is willing to take an official stance and Trans Rights are Human Rights is not something you agree with? That people that care are simply assholes for pushing their "whims" on you and wombat not agreeing...
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    CAGcast #757: WAP

    Except, ya know, the T part of that name
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    CAGcast #757: WAP

    Cheapy weird defensiveness for JK Rowlings and Harry Potter is really odd and leaving a bad taste in my mouth, especially because after listening since 2006 I know that he isn't some bigot.  Is it really more important to not have wombat tell you what to do than it is to say that the Cagcast...
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    CAGcast #721: This Ride Sucks

    How is the "randomness" of fortnite or a battle royal different then the Randomness of any online game?  
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    CAGcast #674: Making Games is Easy

    Love the show! I just wanted to say how much I prefer the name change to "Watch this Bois".   Also, regarding the Trans Inclusive option for the Harry Potter Game, you are correct that it isn't anything too new, but I think the worry was that it would be regressive in the way it handles...
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    CAGcast #635: Mice in the Cutlery

    What we do in the Shadows, while amazing, is definitely not suitable for a 12 year old.  There is a whole episode about the Vampires feuding with werewolves over them peeing on their vagina shaped hedges. (the favorite of which is modeled after his own mothers).    Also, it is on FX, not TBS...
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    CAGcast #632: TestStop

    What do i want to see in the next Sonic movie: Hardcore fucking... duh! I can't find anything like that online currently.
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    CAGcast #496: Skitties

    Is Wombat trying to say that Dean "Dennis Duffy" Winters only has 1 hand? 
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    CAGcast #305: The Shipwreck Shopping Hotline

    Am I crazy or do I remember there being a bet about family guy and the awful lip sync around E3? I could be wrong. Also watches please.
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    CAGcast #245: Pussyface

    I love the title of this episode, it does a great job of showing how the CAGcast is somehow the most childish and immature AND the most grown-up and mature. And I don't mean because of the adult language, I mean the conversations are often geared towards a mature, adult audience who live in the...
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    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    10,000 is a big number... awesome!
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    CAGcast #192: Mustering a Modicum of Nape

    on the Xbox 360 slim: why would you want to pack all that heat generating tech in an even smaller package, use the lower heat chips in the classic shell so they stop breaking.
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    CAGcast #191: Motion Fighters

    I don't understand all of the Wombat hate. all it sounds like to me is you disagree with his opinions then you think he is evil. A difference in opinion is allowed.
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    CAGcast #190: World of Duty

    great show, as always. I also go to use the godaddy coupon code finally. so thanks for that!
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    Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card From Goozex!

    goozex name: MassiveDuck
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    CAGcast #150: Shipwreck Hates PS3, Killzone 2, and You!

    why does everyone on the CAGcast hate the PS3 so much! i'm joking of course, but i love Wombats analysis of Sony and the state of the PS3, very interesting suff.
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    CAGcast #149: Sucker Punched!

    Why the change of heart? I remember him actively going out of his way to avoid saying it be before.
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    CAGcast #149: Sucker Punched!

    stew? I'm a frequent listener, and I haven't heard that one before. Has that been reviled before this show?
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