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    [No Longer Active] Extend Amazon Student Prime for 1 more year from today

    OP, can't thank you enough for this! Tried in Chrome, but didn't work, then had success with Firefox. In Chrome, I had it autocomplete my info, but it didn't bring up the box to enter the school I attend. I didn't autocomplete w/ Firefox and realized the error then.)
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    Reccomend Kindle Accessories?

    I second the above post regarding covers from Oberon Design. My mom has had one for awhile for her Kindle and I ordered one last night as a Christmas present. They are meticulously crafted works of art produced by a 2nd generation family business and I can't recommend them enough. For slightly...
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    Madden 11 freezing issue?

    I've had three games freeze (2 Ultimate Team vs. CPU, 1 Madden Moment), which all required a hard reset of the Xbox. It's happened on 2 consoles and the game was installed to the HD on both. Very frustrating...first and last year I buy Madden on release day.
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    Closed TL.

    Any confirmation on this? Waiting to hear from a person or two that this is legit before biting.
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    Have you ever walked out during a Movie?

    Yeah, seriously what a crap ending. It just made zero sense.
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    Looking for new TV - 50"-55" - suggestions?

    I have a slight bit of buzzing on my 58" Sammy (last years model). It's only noticeable if I'm trying to pay attention to it--meaning that all sounds are off and I have my held tilted to the side like I was talking to someone sitting on the couch with my. It's totally not a dealbreaker for an...
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    Looking to Buy a Samsung TV: LN55C630 vs. PN58C550

    I'd argue that the 73" DLP proposed earlier (Mitsubishi) doesn't have anywhere near as good picture quality compared to the plasma and likely the LCD. I used to own a Samsung DLP which had a very nice PQ, but a friend of mine owns the 73" Mits and the picture is not very good at all. I currently...
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    Red Dead Second Golden Guns Code

    Where in the game box did you see yours? Mine didn't have one (at least that I saw), but I just got my email code.
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    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    Awesome contest. GS has really been making an effort to be competitive with Amazon and other retailers, and my cheap ass loves it!
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    DEAD Star Trek (Three-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray] 9.99

    Awesome find OP, thanks!
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    Eric Bischoff Controversy Creates Cash $2 on WWEShop

    Definitely not a mistake. Bischoff (who now works for TNA) made a comment the other day about how he just received a quarterly royalty check from the book for $50,000. I guess WWE dropping the price of the book so drastically might cause him to think before he speaks next time...or not!
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    Apple laptop

    That, and a Macbook is much sexier than that plastic piece of crap Dell is selling!
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    Apple laptop

    I love my unibody Macbook (purchased new; my first), and I've heard only great things about Apple's refurbished products, so go for it! Never looking back. That said, I don't play hardware intensive games on mine, so if you're looking for a machine that's primarily used for hardcore gaming, you...
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    Amazon PMing Best Buy/Walmart Blu Ray prices - Gladiator, Braveheart, Departed etc.

    I thought the rebate expired on 10/31, but I'm in for both hoping that the rebate is still alive. Either way it's a good deal.
  15. G Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    I'd consider picking up Halo:ODST
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    Amazon shipping question

    Thank you both for your helpful replies! In the past, I've never signed for anything from Amazon, but have signed for stuff from UPS in the past (the carrier for this order), so I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks again!
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    Amazon shipping question

    Quick question for anyone who's bought an Xbox 360 from Amazon in the past: Did the carrier require a signature for delivery? My Elite is being delivered tomorrow and just wanted to see if I needed to take the day off work to wait and sign for the delivery. Thanks in advance!
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