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    CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

    Cheapy, might be time for some happy drugs (or maybe up them).  You spent the opening segment trying to tell Ship his interest in football is a 'waste of time' and the next 20 minutes knit picking at a 'friends' attempt to voice his position on a matter.   On the other hand, every time I wonder...
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    CAGcast #750: Also Not Featuring Starfield

    Glad your all good but if someone talks me in to shoving a camera up my dick, I better be dyeing of something!  Like, TOMORROW!
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    CAGcast #706: A Very Forza Thanksgiving

    Hit Monkey - I tuned out most of what Cheapy said until the follow up about it being very graphic... It's on my watchlist now!
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    CAGcast #695: Why Are My Feet Wet?

    Saw wombats tweet about the Maneater team, looks like you need to toss $15 their way now!  I've never seen a CEO bounced so quickly!  53hrs.  I haven't even finished the campaign (playing on game pass) but I might buy the expansion just to show some support.
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    CAGcast #682: Gotta have SCART

    Really took some leaps on the Epic VS Apple bit.  You guys heavily focused on Epic's bottom line but there are tens of thousands of smaller devs that would really benefit from not losing 30% of their game sales to Apple.  Not to mention the competitive advantage Apple gets with Apple Music not...
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    CAGcast #667: Brain Garbage

    The knife bit ad left me a bit triggered.  We bought a new sharp knife collection recently and have managed to slice open farious fingers between the wife/myself while washing these things by hand.  Fun show as always.  Distracted Cheapy being called out by Ship was a fun new twist on the show!
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    CAGcast #662: An Especially Special Thanksgiving Special

    I cannot understand how anyone manages to get a console these days!  I've been following all the twitter folks with alerts on, shortcuts to the store pages, loaded and waiting on announced times but cannot score an xbox to save my life!  Ugh.  Not going to pay a mark-up but I've basically...
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    Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

    Ya, just a big tease.  Been trying to checkout for a while now to no avail.  
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    CAGcast #658: Ask for Two!

    It was Wombat's week on the pod!  Was as right as he could be on his actions with the take-out and I think he had the right take on the GameStop move as well.  Not like this will save GameStop but I don't think this move is any kind of worry for the consumer.  It might be a problem if the Xbox...
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    CAGcast #655: Ben is Gonna Give it to You

    Wombat did an excellent job of playing the role of uninformed, angry gamer on this episode.  Shipwreck really failed on playing the part of equally angry gamer trying to provide useful information.  He was way too calm with his sensible, straight forward responses to the ever escalating Wombat. ...
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    CAGcast #649: Rich Ghost, Poor Ghost

    I feel like so many of my podcasts seem to believe new consoles are not bringing anything exciting to the table.   I've resisted the call of the half-step upgrades and current gen games seem to be painful experiences, not to mention my 4k TV going under utilized.  Am I the only one still using...
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    CAGcast #647: 15 Cent Movie Tickets and 15 Years of CAGcast

    Don't forget, Epic was a big needle mover in getting cross-play to become a reality on consoles.  Epic is no Apple, but they are probably the closest you can come in that ecosystem to stand up to the rates Apple is charging.  
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    CAGcast #624: Teraflops and Terahits

    Cheapy's descent in to full on old-man status has me worried about my future!  Cagcast needs a new logo of cheapy standing on a lawn shaking his fist at wombat and ship.   - Don't talk about sugary drinks! - Video games are brainwashing you in to buying loot boxes! - Did you see that Oscar...
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    CAGcast #618: We Slapped 5 On It

    Ship, do yourself a favor and play more Subnautica (without the survival stuff turned on in my opinion)!  I am really not a fan of that genre usually but the light touch of story mixed with the game play really pushed me to the finish line.  Great game.
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    CAGcast #615: Belly Hair Extraordinaire

    Easy mode FTW!  Wombat is right about bumping down the difficulty.  I've done that on at least 2 games this year.  On the second playthrough of Outer Worlds I had to knock the difficulty way down for that final mech.  I did a run that I messed all my stats up so I could spend hours bulking up or...
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    CAGcast #596: Crocs, Bots, and European Hot Spots

    Just popping in to publicly shame all of you for not watching/discussing Stranger Things.  Season 3 has the series at the top of their game and to hear Wombat dismiss the series because he trailed off last season is so unfortunate (not that 2 was their best work).  Cheapy, as the 'watch this...
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    CAGcast #563: Cross-Play Surprise?

    I think I watched the first episode of the kobra kai thing and it was OK.  The real problem is it's not on Netflix.  If it were, I probably would have watched it at some point.  Netflix = TV for me...  not youtube.
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    CAGcast #556: It’s a Twister!

    The fortnight coaching sounded odd to me at first but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.  I could easily see how being bad at fortnight as a younger child might suddenly mean your friends aren't choosing to play their favorite game with you as one of their 4 or so friends in a...
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    CAGcast #511: We Don’t Really Wear Pants

    Kind of funny to hear Shipwreck giving Sony credit for 3rd party devs who make beautiful games but only publish them on the PS4.  Horizon's great looking world is not thanks to Sony...  Uncharted is a great looking game but he still had a hard time pulling any other examples.  So many people...
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    CAGcast #426: Enough with the Miis Already

    Galak-Z looks solid!  Glad to hear it finally hit Steam.  Hook a CAG up yo!!  
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