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    Cursed Mountain Wii -- $6.74 (at most $8.99) at FYE

    Just saw this 2 seconds ago on the BankruptGamer twitter Cursed Mountain Wii is 25% off at most FYEs making it $6.74. Even if your FYE isn't running the sale, that's only $8.99. It also mentioned MKvsDC Universe Special Edition for $15.
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    Reduced Price Game Guides: Thread XI

    Prototype rang up as $25...
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    Reduced Price Game Guides: Thread XI

    I remember getting them as far back as '02 or so.
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    AC2:bonfire of the vanities 320 MS pts on marketplace

    They fixed the PSN prices, by the funk.
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    Resistance 2 Collector's Edition $30 Toys R Us

    It's been that way for probably... 6 months. Keep up with the TRU clearance thread.
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    Dragon Age: Origins free unlockables

    I think he meant the web game.
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    Target Clearance Thread XVI

    I'm still waiting on the damn Brain Age DSi's to drop at mine.
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    Sam's Club Punch Out Wii $8.48

    What a tool.
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    Target Clearance Thread XVI

    They seem to be changing markdown days anyway. No one REALLY knows when it's going to be now.
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    Raiden IV Limited Edition (360) $20 at Best Buy

    It's a price drop, not a sale. And don't bother rushing out (unless you really want to save that $2 from the 10% coupon). Stores seem to have about 20 copies on average.
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    Firefighter - $18 @ Amazon & at Walmart (UPDATED OP 1/15)

    heh, you skipping the guitar controller HOTD reply but commenting on the one before it makes me think it's true. Hey man, I'll try it.
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    Firefighter - $18 @ Amazon & at Walmart (UPDATED OP 1/15)

    Have to agree with the guys who said the title being "Real Heroes: Firefighter" made them think it was shovelware. It immediately made me think of the Go Play: Lumberjacks types of games. As for the argument that "well, if you'd check the reviews, you'd see...", I have to think most of us don't...
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    Way of the Samurai 3 Xbox 360 $20.73 -Amazon

    Especially since that's $10 over the original retail price!
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    Free Game- Ben There, Dan That

    That game has the most horrible name of any game ever, I think. In fact, it makes me angry enough that I won't even download the game for free.
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    Way of the Samurai 3 Xbox 360 $20.73 -Amazon

    Very odd prices.
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    A Boy and His Blob - $19.99 at Amazon

    You some kind of idiot?
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    Bayonetta in Sun Prarier, WI (and elsewhere?)

    It shows available for all pre-orders.
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    Xbox Live DOTW: The Maw plus DOTD: Battlefield 1943

    What time's Worms end and the next one start?
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    December Bestbuy RZ Gamers Club Offers

    What exactly is everyone rushing out to get tomorrow? $15 AC?
  20. F "Game Collector Pro" 50% off

    Doesn't look like there's a Mac version. Anyone know the best Mac software for this type of thing?
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