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  1. JohnnyDrama

    Watch_Dogs Free In-Game Item! Consoles Only!

    Very nice, thanks OP
  2. JohnnyDrama

    Any interest in a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league?

    Any more spots open? I'm interested
  3. JohnnyDrama

    3DS Friend Code Thread

    My code is 2122-7428-5870, feel free to add! right now I'm playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon X. Please PM me your code if you add me and I'll add you as well :)
  4. JohnnyDrama

    Time to relax :)

    Time to relax :)
  5. JohnnyDrama

    Smartphone Thread

    Picked up a White Galaxy S4, big improvement from my S2
  6. JohnnyDrama

    Infinity Blade (iOS) free on App Store

    Very nice, thanks OP
  7. JohnnyDrama

    Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition Announced $30 1/14

    Hmmm, probably will be getting this for the 360
  8. JohnnyDrama

    CAG Fund for Child's Play 2012 Charity Raffle: $38K+ Raised, Winners Posted!

    Just donated $15, maybe a little more soon
  9. JohnnyDrama

    CAG Apple Game Center/OpenFeint/Plus+/WWF IDs

    Gamecenter: deimos84 feel free to add!
  10. JohnnyDrama

    BB 3 Day Sale - WWE '12 $9.99 - Prototype 2 $17.99 - ME Trilogy $39.99 + More

    I think ME Trilogy for the PS3 is gonna be mine
  11. JohnnyDrama

    Free Dragon Age 1 & 2 Promo DLC - PS3, 360 & PC

    thanks OP, got them for the 360 and PS3
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