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  1. LiK

    CAGcast #489: The Legend of Robutler: Uncle Paulie's Breath

    I'm with Ship. Skipping the optional stuff in Horizon is doing yourself a disservice. You learn so much more about the world and sometimes some NPCs have really funny lines and jokes you won't get from main line dialogue. It's great. Cheapy is missing out. Fuck time, enjoy the game. I listen to...
  2. LiK

    CAGcast #476: CONTAINS DONGS

    I think Cheapy has Nosocomephobia.
  3. LiK

    CAGcast #466: A Premium Podcast

    Hey Cheapy, thanks for mentioning the new Phoenix Wright game is out on the show. I am def still enjoying it. :)
  4. LiK

    CAGcast #439: Probably Lesbians

    Firewatch spoilers: Correction: Julia was your wife, not fiancée. Also, the whole installation you discover was actually some people studying the deers and elk. It wasn't very clear and the devs admitted that in a spoilercast with KindaFunnyGames. I admit I was confused by that whole part too.
  5. LiK

    CAGcast #411: Good For Yu - E3 2015 Premium Edition

    Boy, the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter haterade is strong on this week's show. I gave it money minutes after it was announced. No regrets.
  6. LiK

    CAGcast #404: Shipwreck Dreams of Cables

    Was listening to the Star Wars and Batman v Superman teasers discussion. Oh man, cynical central. lol
  7. LiK

    CAGcast #403: S.A.D.

    Hey Cheapy, I'll take your extra copy of GTAV on PC off your hands. And I want the whole thing! :p
  8. LiK

    CAGcast #393: Pre-order or Die!

    Hey, send me a code for that Kemco game that Shippy couldn't pronounce.
  9. LiK

    CAGcast #376: A Sound of Blunder

    Correction: RE1 Remaster is actually based on the superior RE REmake that's on the GameCube. Also no tank controls option from what I read so Wombat should be happy. Also, no one mentioned Ryse is coming out for PC this Fall. 4k resolution!
  10. LiK

    CAGcast #376: A Sound of Blunder

  11. LiK

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    I canceled my CC order. Decided to use Paypal instead, let's see if it's faster this way.
  12. LiK

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    ugh, close to 3 hours and still in Order Verification. I used a CC that was on file with them and it's taking so long compared to everyone else.
  13. LiK

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    I paid with AMEX and still waiting for my code...
  14. LiK

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    how long before they send the code out? i got the order confirmation only. edit: noticed you answered that. Hope this isn't gonan take longer cuz of the people rushing in....
  15. LiK

    $60 Xbox Live Credit for $40.

    damn good deal, in for one
  16. LiK

    CAGcast #367: Head Games

    Frontline's United States of Secrets was great. Part 1 was way better tho. I was disappointed with Part 2. FYI, Akham Knight takes place in Gotham City proper. They just kept Arkham for the branding.
  17. LiK

    CAGcast #361: MMNO

    The entire Amazon discussion was funny.
  18. LiK

    CAGcast #360: A Major Console In Our Lives

    "Get your Lubu going!" - Shippu
  19. LiK

    CAGcast #359: Prepare for Wingfall

    Oh snap, Shipwreck shit story. Also, Wombat was thinking of Gran Turismo HD Concept.
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