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  1. StarKnightX

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 2: Za Warudo!!!

    So I recently became interested in checking out Higurashi : When they cry , but not sure where to start as far as the anime , manga or pc games. I've heard some say that the differences are minimal enough that you could pick any of the 3 first and if you liked it enough then to check out the...
  2. StarKnightX

    Survivor: Philippines thread

    Somebody on the comments from this weeks episode suggested that Cristina and Alicia made a smarter move keeping with the women rather than flipping to go with Troy and the other guys since doing that would guarantee them no better than 4 & 5 place. Whereas if they went with the women then once...
  3. StarKnightX

    Black Teen Shot, Killed By Neighborhood Watch

    Sadly I know this first hand , although not for myself I love it when it gets between 40-60 , anything below 80 is generally nice. Plenty of people around here that start freaking out about how "cold" it is if it ever drops below 70 , and some freak if it even drops below 80.:hot::cold: My...
  4. StarKnightX

    Official Goozex Thread - Goozex is Hiring!

    The "death" of Goozex is a self-fulling prophecy. It requires people giving games (and movies) in turn for people to get games (and movies). If nobody is sending anything , then nobody gets anything. Incidentally in the last six months or so I had finally run out my major stock of points and...
  5. StarKnightX

    The 2012 election topic. Republican general in full swing

    Didn't mean to imply that if it came off that way. In most places where I read discussions about the "End the Fed/Audit the Fed" topic , the auditing angle gets ignored completely in favor of talking about how crazy ending the fed would be. So I guess I mistakenly believe because of that that...
  6. StarKnightX

    The 2012 election topic. Republican general in full swing

    Question , while I can see the problems with this , whats the harm of Paul's position about auditing the federal reserve?
  7. StarKnightX

    Home owner fired at burglar- gets arrested

    Read that story earlier today , more news that makes me sad to be a floridian. Possibly somewhat related:
  8. StarKnightX

    The 2012 election topic. Republican general in full swing

    Question that's partially on topic , what's a good resource for politics and politicians at a local and state level? One problem I've always had during election time is knowing enough about local politicians , judges etc to know who to vote for. I'm feeling a little more confident about that...
  9. StarKnightX

    L@@K! Killer deal! Birth control pills $9/month at Target!!! IN-STOCK

    Not gonna disagree with you on this , since I don't know exactly what the numbers on that might be , but despite working at a company with what many people say has a really good benefits package I don't know many co-workers who wouldn't choose a non-employer tied health care plan if a cost and...
  10. StarKnightX

    Blu-ray and DVD coupons and rebates wiki 2012

    Couldn't find a link about it anywhere , but packages of Ready Pac sliced apples have started coming in with coupons for $3 off Lady & the Tramp on :br:. I know it's not much but its something. If I can get a picture of it next time I'm at work I will.
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