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  1. Twin65050

    Gears of War 4 Season Pass

    Anyone willing to trade something for Gears of War 4 Season Pass? Or just send $10 through Paypal. lol Edit: Done! How do I delete this???
  2. Twin65050

    Amazon DotD: Farcry Primal (All Platforms) @ $35.00

    Damn, missed out on this
  3. Twin65050


    Alan Wake's American Nightmare 2V4R3-VR4WK-WKCXH-PPF2G-WWMMZ
  4. Twin65050

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 1

    Kinda wish I didn't purchase Battlefield Hardline UE. Can't find any matches on the dlc maps.
  5. Twin65050

    XBL Deals - 2016, Part 1

    Hate how Battlefield Hardline Premium never goes on sale. Kinda tempted to buy the Ultimate Edition for $29.70 though since I have the disc version.
  6. Twin65050

    3DS eShop Deals - 3/28: Natsume Sale/Resident Evil/Sega 3D Classics Sales, $10 EOU, $8.49 Mutant Mudds SC, & More!

    I got my 3ds on Black Friday so I don't own it yet. With that said, I'm one step away from hitting purchase. Only thing stopping me is a low battery.
  7. Twin65050

    Hitman Absolution Professional Edition (Xbox 360) art book version $4.35 @walmart

    Thanks! The free shipping helped make this an easy decision.
  8. Twin65050

    Have codes for Gears of War 1, 3, & Judgement..

    I have digital codes for Gears of War 1, 3, & Judgement. Willing to do a three for one trade. Wants digital download for Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One), Resident Evil HD Remaster (Xbox One), or just any good game for Xbox 360 or Xbox one. Thanks.
  9. Twin65050

    $20 TV Season Blu Ray Sets at Best Buy (Simpsons, Archer, Fringe, Modern Family, and more)

    Thanks. Picked up Modern Family seasons 1-3. Love that show... and Sophia Vergara :)
  10. Twin65050

    Amazon Appstore for Android: GTA: San Andreas for FREE (Thursday, 5/22 thru ? )

    Sucks that San Andreas isn't compatible with my Nexus 5 but the 1000 coins was nice. So far, only purchased Final Fantasy IV. Not sure what to spend my other coins on.
  11. Twin65050

    XBL Deals - 12/31-1/6: "LEGO GonD"(-40%)* │ FREE: Sleeping Dogs* │ MM↓: SRIV $39.99, Hydrophobia $2.99

    I didn't plan on buying anything from these sales. Ended up getting Brothers, Charlie Murder, Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, SSX, State of Decay, and The Wolf Among Us + Season Pass.
  12. Twin65050

    XBL Deals: 10/7 Terraria, Zeno Clash, More 50% off (Gold) | FREE Gold Games: 10/1 Clash of Heroes, 10/16 Halo 3 | Activision Sale | RCR 33% off | MORE

    Finally picked up UMvC3 and the character dlc. Thinking about getting Super Street Fighter IV AE but I might just wait for Ultra.
  13. Twin65050

    XBL Deals: 10/7 Terraria, Zeno Clash, More 50% off (Gold) | FREE Gold Games: 10/1 Clash of Heroes, 10/16 Halo 3 | Activision Sale | RCR 33% off | MORE

    So, I only ended up getting Borderlands 2, Hitman Absolution, Rockstar Table Tennis, and The Witcher 2. Now to continue my goal of finishing every game in my backlog before the Xbox One releases.
  14. Twin65050

    XBL Deals|7/4 Only- Witcher2, OrangeBox, More | 7/5 Only-Hitman:Absolution $10, More | ME3: Omega | BL2 DLC (Gold) | FREE Defense Grid (Gold) | MORE

    So far, only Borderlands 2 and Rockstar Table Tennis for me. Waiting for Crysis 3 and BioShock Infinite.
  15. Twin65050

    Dark Knight Returns game reg. $6.99 on sale .25¢ in Kindle Fire App Store

    Maybe he said "lol" because it's called the Dark Knight "Rises" not "Returns". Idk, just making a guess.
  16. Twin65050

    Google Play End of Summer Sale -- $0.99 Max Payne Mobile, Spirits, NOVA 3, & more

    Also ended up getting Virtua Tennis Challenge and re-buying Modern Combat 3 & Gangstar Rio.
  17. Twin65050

    2 for $60 select games at TRU from 9/2 - 9/8

    So glad I ordered Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs as soon as this deal went live. Now patiently waiting for my order to arrive.
  18. Twin65050

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    I have 320msp just sitting on my account so I'm definitely getting Stacking.
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