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  1. lazie

    Pikachu-Themed New 3DS XL MSRP $199.99 (2/24/17)

    This case makes it feel a bit bigger but i love it. It protects the 3ds from scratches nicely.
  2. lazie

    Xbox One Play and Charge kit [Costco] $13.99 + tax/shipping or [Newegg] $19.99 + 10% off w/ visacheckout

    Does anybody know if this is instores as well or is it only online?
  3. lazie

    CAG's Win Everything* Black Friday Bonanza! - Congratulations, thenewnumbertwo!

    Best contest ever invented in the history of anything.
  4. lazie

    Upgrading to Elite today and i need help

    Hi i have a really old xbox 360 pro with a 20gb hardrive and no hdmi. I plan on upgrading to the Elite because its 300 bucks and comes with HDMI. I just need help because i have no idea how to transfer my licences and games to the new 360. How do i get the transfer cables needed to do that...
  5. lazie

    Pepsi Throwback kinda deal at Target

    I was excited when i heard about throwback because i thought it was going to taste the same as the one in Mexico but it doesn't. I still like it but i'm just dissapointed that it doesn't taste the same as soda in Mexico. Hopefully Coke will follow the sugar trend and release one that tastes...
  6. lazie

    CAG Community Xbox 360 Failure Survey Results

    I've had mine since launch and everyday I live with the fear that it is going to RRoD on me. The biggest problem i've had is the stupid disc read error that seems to be coming alot more often lately. Its sad that we even have to worry about our expensive investments failing on us.
  7. lazie

    CAG CONTEST: Win Vice City Stories (PSP)

    I really enjoyed ray liotta as Tommy Vercetti.
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