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  1. RiotPenguin

    Amazon Trade In: Receive 15% (game) or 20% (console) off your next digital video game purchase.

    This doesn't get you 20% off a console; you get that percentage off a digital game purchase if you trade IN a console, or 15% off if you trade in a game. Also, be aware that this excludes digital currency, prepaid cards, and subscription services. Full list of exclusions is here...
  2. RiotPenguin

    Darksiders III (PS4 Only) via FB app Daily Steals $34.99

    They also have Fallout 76 for $30: Plus, if you've never ordered from DS on Facebook before, there should be a coupon for an extra $10 off a single...
  3. RiotPenguin

    **DEAD** $10 PSN Code For $6.00 On Swych App - Smartphone Required

    Have you tried creating a US Google account and using the free Google Voice number they give you?
  4. RiotPenguin

    3 months Netflix free ps plus members YMMV

    Have $10 PSN code to trade. PM if interested.
  5. RiotPenguin

    Nintendo Switch Preorder Thread 2.0

    Has anyone had any luck with eBay? I'm seeing quite a few listings that haven't been bid on yet, or are basically at list price (with tax). I messaged this seller and they sent proof that they have the console pre-ordered from Amazon...
  6. RiotPenguin

    MGS: Legacy collection back in stock (amazon) (in stock)

    Might have missed this somewhere else, but the digital HD collection is currently $11.99 on PSN for Plus members:!/en-us/games/metal-gear-solid-hd-collection/cid=UP0101-NPUB30918_00-PS3MGSHDCOLLECTI
  7. RiotPenguin

    Amazon PlayStation Network Store Contest - Win 1 of 25 PS3/Vita Games!

    Did not think these would be such awesome games! Pretty sweet  :D
  8. RiotPenguin

    WTB: Dance Central Kinect

    Not sure if you got my PM yet, but I'll buy it for $30.
  9. RiotPenguin

    WTB: Dance Central Kinect

  10. RiotPenguin

    Pre Order Halo Reach Legendary Edition $127.49 Gamestop

    Just placed my order for $120.22 w/tax & free (value) shipping. :D Do you think Amazon would match that price if I asked nicely? I would prefer to buy it through them... Edit: Hmm...just noticed the Legendary Edition isn't for sale on Amazon quite yet.
  11. RiotPenguin

    Blue Dragon DS on Amazon $8.77

    Just in case you don't have Prime or an order total over $25, It's $9.89 shipped from GoGamer. Otherwise, my total comes to $13.75 on Amazon. They also have an after-Christmas sale going on right now, but there's...
  12. RiotPenguin Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    I would pick up Burnout Paradise and Ghostbusters. After watching Zombieland, I have a renewed interest in the Ghostbusters franchise.
  13. RiotPenguin

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    I've got two $5 coupons that I won't be using so here they are: GU-CSG-FXB (expires August 25th) KQ-EUB-KVW (expires Septermber 8th)
  14. RiotPenguin

    Wireless Headphones

    I found a pair on amazon for $14.97 (+ $5.99 shipping) that look alright: Technosonic Wireless Headphones Reviews are not very positive though...:cry: Here's the official product page: Technosonic I'm also trying to find the best deal on these: Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones If...
  15. RiotPenguin

    Looking For Virgin Mobile Slice

    Circuit City has it on sale for 39.99 this week: Virgin Mobile Slice Prepaid Phone And it even ships for free! Oh, and I just added your xbox live gamertag to my friends list.
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