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  1. WTPolaris

    Humble Bundle Thread

    I already have Civ III so I figured I'd give this copy back to the community so it can find a more fortunate home :
  2. WTPolaris

    The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

    So, how are the opinions on Endless Space? It's been on my wish list for a while but I'd like the opinions of you all, since you seem to know well when it comes to PC games. Many years ago when I was but a young gamer on a 386, I played Master of Orion 1 and 2 endlessly and I still go back to...
  3. WTPolaris

    Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

    Thank you to both MysterD and Idioteque for your help. It turns out the version of GFWL that Dark Souls comes with is incompatible with Windows 8. Following the link Myster provided fixed that problem and following the link Idioteque provided the game looks great. Thanks to you both for the help!
  4. WTPolaris

    Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

    Hey you all, I have a quick technical question I hope someone here might be able to help me with. I recently purchased Dark Souls from Amazon during the End of Summer Sale but I can't seem to find a way to activate it and be able to play it on Steam. The game key redeems fine and I can start up...
  5. WTPolaris

    Win Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (360) from CAG

    Seems like it'd be a fun game to try!
  6. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2013 | 1/1 EA SPORTS (Gold) | MORE! | Now-Wiki

    I dunno how kosher this is to post here but it seems like a user on youtube has all of the Megas XLR episodes posted. Hope this is okay to mention. I loved that show. I clicked that link to the theme song, listened to it, remembered how...
  7. WTPolaris

    FREE World of Warcraft + 1st two EXP Packs + 30 Days of game time..For D3 Owners

    The inadvertent humor in this statement is probably only evident to those of us who have played WoW and escaped its grasp.
  8. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2013 | 1/1 EA SPORTS (Gold) | MORE! | Now-Wiki

    The only thing that was missing from Magic 2012 from the original that I really missed was the removal of the two headed giant co op campaign. It was replaced with a 3v1 campaign which kinda makes up for it but doesnt feel nearly as fun due to you having to have a computer player with you on...
  9. WTPolaris

    Sync Your AMEX with Your X360/Gamertag, Get $10 - Beat Halo 4, Get +$25 + Other Deals

    This might not be a question anyone can answer here but do purchases made on qualify for the spend $100, get $50 promotion? There are a couple things I'd pick up if so.
  10. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    I guess I'll ask the inevitable question, any idea if Metro 2033 or Darksiders might qualify towards the October Rewards Promotion?
  11. WTPolaris

    Free movie or game rental on Wednesday 10/10 (Redbox's 10th Birthday Promo)

    Fantastic, I'll be picking up Dishonored tonight after work(work til midnight) and get to try it for free! Thanks for posting!
  12. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    If anyone is getting together a group to play hod,, I'd appreciate getting a spot too. I've had it since it came out and even bought a bunch of the DLC levels when they were on sale last year but can't find anyone to play it with or whom could explain how to get better and get some enjoyment out...
  13. WTPolaris

    Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - 6/25 - 800 pts.

    I got my code for the premier club and the $10 credit a few hours ago, i preordered last month thiugh(early August.) dunno if they do it by preorder date or what, either way, your codes should be on their wayretty soon.
  14. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    Speaking from limited experience(being just a few times last night) I was unable to find a game. However, as mentioned here, the single player seems to be quite long. I'm also trying to get together a CAG game sometime this weekend so we can all get the achievement(which is super simple, it's...
  15. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    I couldn't find a game earlier for rocket riot and it seems like a fun game to play and there's an achievement for playing one mp match over xbox live. Any CAGs up for a community play date for rocket riot sometime this weekend(maybe sometime Friday or Saturday evening?) I picked up raskulls...
  16. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    Any recommendations on which season of Sam and Max is better or do you all feel like they are both worth the $10 price? I'm enjoying Walking Dead and though I realize they are an entirely different game story and even somewhat gameplay wise, I have a feeling I'd enjoy sam and max too.
  17. WTPolaris

    XBL DotW Sales 2012 |- CLOSED

    I'm considering picking up one of the Sam and max seasons, is there one that you all recommend more between the two? Bought Rocket Riot, great fun for $2.50. Warp didn't do it for me, seemed a little too simplistic. Tried Rayman and I've never played any Rayman game before but it didn't really...
  18. WTPolaris

    Amazon PCDD $15 Walking Dead, $10 TERA ($15 CE) + BOGO

    I'm still looking to sell a few of the games from the Plethora Pack I don't want. If anyone is interested in Majesty Gold, Majesty 2 Collection or Victoria II, I have a code for each I'd be willing to sell for $2.
  19. WTPolaris

    Amazon PCDD $15 Walking Dead, $10 TERA ($15 CE) + BOGO

    I bought the Plethora Pack and am only interested in CKII and its DLC. If anyone wants any of the other games in the plethora pack, I'd be willing to let them go for $1-2(whatever is fair, not looking to make a buck on anyone.) Available : Majesty Gold HD Majesty 2 Collection Victoria II...
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