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  1. rajchakrabarti

    Ashley Banks <3

    I always loved the cosby show. But ashley banks is a hottie !
  2. rajchakrabarti

    Kelly Kapowski <3

    who is the next girl you are going to put up ?
  3. rajchakrabarti

    The Legend of Korra Starting This weekend

    finally caught up on this.. with 6 straight episodes on quality on nick's site is pretty good. I hear they are doing only two seasons of this.... book 1 and 2.
  4. rajchakrabarti

    CAG Fitbit Group - Walk This Way!

    Looks interesting... might have to give this a shot.
  5. rajchakrabarti

    FREE Harry Potter Blu Ray Box Set 1-6 giveaway with Podcast Contest

    Just entered... thanks ! (i liked this podcast more then the last one)
  6. rajchakrabarti

    Free Mass Effect 3 CE give away with Podcast Contest

    i have been listening from podcast 1.. and wow.. you guys have really grown. Enjoying it every week !
  7. rajchakrabarti

    Home made Hotdog Stuffed Crust Pizza

    That podcast was crazy..... btw.. I listened to it on my drive in on my iphone.
  8. rajchakrabarti

    Free Mass Effect 3 CE give away with Podcast Contest

    I heard this podcast earlier..... pretty entertaining.. and i think its a great first attempt. I think going further adding more structure, possibly summary of what you plan to hit on might help. Also announcing the date for references might help. But I do like the natural flow the hosts...
  9. rajchakrabarti

    Looking for a used ps3 40 gig

    basically the ps3 exclusives...resistance, metal gear, maybe killzone.
  10. rajchakrabarti

    Looking for a used ps3 40 gig

    Basically for a blu ray player, and try out a few ps3 games. Figured a lot these may be in the used market due to the slim coming out...
  11. rajchakrabarti

    Batman Arkham Asylum - Gen. Discussion & Info

    Being a huge batman fan... loved TAS...... i was on the fence on this game.. wanting to buy it.. but worried how it would turn out. The demo has made this a day one buy for me.
  12. rajchakrabarti

    Good, cheap xbox 360 HDTV?

    you can try craigslist...i got a sony 34 inch hdtv (crt) for 200 bucks.... i use as a spare tv at my parents house for gaming.... I've seen lcd's used for around 300......buying used is a risk... but you never know what you can find...
  13. rajchakrabarti

    So My Ex-Roommate is a Porn Star

    you know you wish it was... zIINNG.
  14. rajchakrabarti

    Use any 3.5 mm mp3 player to Ipod dock.. Exists ?

    I was wondering if any cags came across such an adapter ? or if any are made ? Basically my car has the ipod connection.. and i want to be able to use anything with a 3.5mm jack with the ipod connection. (fm transmitters suck) Like a zune or blackberry. I found a guy that makes them for 40...
  15. rajchakrabarti

    Terminator: TSCC... TERMINATED BY The T-FOX!

    interesting to see.. everybody is pretty much in agreement on how slow the show has become. I'm still a fan.. but barely hanging on... Moving this to friday night is just begging for the show to get canned.
  16. rajchakrabarti

    Things to do in NYC

    get a gyro from GYROII.... i love that crap.. they got a few.. one i know of is by madison square garden... also a cool spot a few cags have been too.. (im trying to make it out there) old school arcade games.. .and beer.
  17. rajchakrabarti

    F My Life

    I am a chicago cubs fan. FML
  18. rajchakrabarti

    Need some Funny/Creative/Vulgar - Vday Phrases

    I know a lot of Cags have that whimsical sometimes twisted humor, So looking for some Valentines day phrases to put on candy hearts that are clever and funny. Here are some examples: Please B 18 I want to B on you U + Me = Plan B I have a
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