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  1. Kuromimi

    E3 2018 - Live from Los Angeles!

    Linus Tech Tips did a review on the mCable... I think the Justice League movie comparison wasn't a fair comparison. The movie was upscaled to 4k.
  2. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #426: Enough with the Miis Already

    Awesome show! I am interested in a Galak-Z code.
  3. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #365: Heterodachi Life

    Awesome show guys! Keep up the good work.
  4. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #333: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, Phil

    Great show guys! Wombat, you should get a PC. The games are cheaper, better looking and people can easily give you games for free.
  5. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #322: Press X to CAGcast

    lol same here. Great show guys. Keep up the good work!
  6. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #319: HAMSANDWICH

    Awesome show guys! It's just missing more Batman movie quotes.
  7. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #318: Gary Coleman

    Awesome show guys! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Shipwreck!
  8. Kuromimi

    Win Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (360) from CAG

    I would like to win this game.
  9. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #305: The Shipwreck Shopping Hotline

    Awesome show guys! I the last words of this show.
  10. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #300: EME

    Awesome show guys! Congrats on 300!!!
  11. Kuromimi

    CAGcast #296: Mark, The Ninja

    I like to eat and sleep.
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