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  1. HomieGFunk03

    H: Paypal W: PSN 20% Off Code

    From the black friday bundles. Looking to get it today. DM with offers thanks!
  2. HomieGFunk03

    Brand New Astro A50 for PS4 currently $97.50 at Possible Pricing Error $75 on the Astro site. If you use Honey there is also a $5 off code it can apply. I do most of my gaming on my PS4 so I'm still waffling on pulling the trigger but 30 bucks off retail ain't bad.
  3. HomieGFunk03

    PSN Store 20% coupon in weekly PS Store email (YMMV)

    I will also throw my hat in for an extra code.
  4. HomieGFunk03

    Gold/Ultimate Editions $59.99 @ Target.

    Just ran around the city but ended up with a pretty good haul. Picked up Shadow of War Gold PS4 for $38, Forza and AC:O for $60 (gonna hold on to these for a little bit) and an MvC:I for each system for $16 (one for me and one as a gift for a friend). Thanks for all the info you folks have...
  5. HomieGFunk03

    Gold/Ultimate Editions $59.99 @ Target.

    There are two more MvCI Deluxe copies on X1 at the Chicago 2656 N Elston Ave Location. Easy to find as they are just behind the stack of MvCI games in the kiosk. I picked up one but would greatly prefer a PS4 copy if anyone in the area wants to trade.  
  6. HomieGFunk03

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Discussion

    Didn't refresh for 10 mins and it went up. Wow this blows.
  7. HomieGFunk03

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Discussion

    Nah. I tapped out of that game during the Ness debacle at Gamestop. My SO had to get me an import from Japan for my birthday. It was too real.
  8. HomieGFunk03

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Discussion

    Yeah for sure stay in class I'll message you.
  9. HomieGFunk03

    Zelda Breath of the Wild Special/Master Editions, Amiibo- Discussion

    Nice! I tried to stay up but didn't make it :( Hoping to be vigilant for BB today (which is my preferred store)
  10. HomieGFunk03

    Amiibos Currently Available and for Pre-order. Wave 4 announced *Do not post trades here!*

    Picked up my preordered Captain Falcon and a Luigi from my Chicago Best Buy. My Pit is a couple of days delayed but supposedly will be there. Went to Target and Gamestop and the all had about 3 Luigis and a few Zeldas but no sign of the other 2nd waves. This is getting a little exhausting...
  11. HomieGFunk03

    *Sold* H: Sunset Overdrive Digital DL w/Day One DLC W: Paypal, Amazon, PSN

    You know the drill. Have a code for Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One including Day One and I'm looking for Paypal, PSN Credit, Amazon, or BBY Gift Cards. Looking for $45 for Paypal or $50 for the various forms of Monopoly Money :) Edit: Sold!
  12. HomieGFunk03

    PlayStation 4 White Destiny Bundle Up For Pre-Order @ $449.99 Amazon

    I wish it weren't 3 months away! I have the funds to pull the trigger on a PS4 (and already have a few games) but I'm a sucker for limited edition consoles if I don't pick up at launch. 
  13. HomieGFunk03

    $34,368 Raised! - CAG Fund for Child's Play 2013 Charity Raffle - ALL WINNERS POSTED!

    Another congrats to the winners! Very proud of the CAG community.
  14. HomieGFunk03

    Amazon Black Friday / Cyber Monday Week Deals (11/25-12/7) Lightning Deals In Progress

    Got MGR CE for PS3. Been waiting on it for awhile.
  15. HomieGFunk03

    Meijer Santa Bucks - 20% off $100, 50, 25, 15. Includes Kindle cards - Today Only

    Did my usual and picked up $150 of PSN credit. No luck on the Kindle cards.
  16. HomieGFunk03

    Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games Up (11/17-12/14)

    To each his own but I actually liked that the story stepped into the spotlight this time. Seeing as it is a bit of an origin story, it felt appropriate. The characters models were really expressive and the arc for Groose in particular was quite well done. I've played an obscene amount of games...
  17. HomieGFunk03

    walmart: 3DS XL Legend of Zelda system $199.96 (price mistake?)

    I used to love going to that Best Buy! I camped out for the Xbox 360 there and picked up Guitar Hero 1 there on release day when no one else have even stocked it. The In and Out Burger across the street doesn't hurt either.
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