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  1. The Bryant

    Daily Steals/Facebook - Super Mario 3D All-Stars - $52.99

    Yeah I was excited. But then mine came in from Middle East -__-
  2. The Bryant

    Looking to find deals a used Dualshock 4

    Been looking and saw some on eBay but missed my opportunity. Not looking to spend anything over $35 after shipping for a used Dualshock 4. Anyone care to point me to the right direction, please? Or perhaps when there will be a sale on Dualshocks soon?
  3. The Bryant

    Nintendo 3DS - General Discussion Thread

    I'm thinking of selling my New 3DS XL with three games and the charger for $200 plus shipping. Is that a fair price? Edit: Must've been a great price. Sold within hours of listing it.
  4. The Bryant

    Win a gold PS4 w/ Nathan Drake collection and 1yr PS+. Starts Sept 24

    Can I text this and enter it on the website for two entries or is it text only?
  5. The Bryant

    Win a gold PS4 w/ Nathan Drake collection and 1yr PS+. Starts Sept 24

    I haven't gone since that incident at the store. See a lot of ya  here winning makes me wanna try again.
  6. The Bryant

    Win a gold PS4 w/ Nathan Drake collection and 1yr PS+. Starts Sept 24

    Happened to me yesterday. I just went to Taco Bell's site and went to the contact form telling them I didn't get a box and would like a code. Got a call today telling me to go to the store and ask for the manager, she'll give me a code and comp a meal. I went, manager was mad but gave me a box...
  7. The Bryant

    Kmart: New 3DS XL $100, PS4 $200, Splatoon $30

    If anyone got multiple consoles and wants to be generous, please by all means feel free to let us know
  8. The Bryant

    Kmart: New 3DS XL $100, PS4 $200, Splatoon $30

    Welp. Was on my way to Target, and the price was gone. Target doesn't even price match KMart. Seems like I wasn't the first one because dude on the desk was a dick. Totally dismissive.
  9. The Bryant

    Kmart: New 3DS XL $100, PS4 $200, Splatoon $30

    Gonna try my luck in multiple stores. Been needing to upgrade to a PS4. Will probably sell my PS3 and all games once I beat Fallout 3. Was also debating on picking up a 3ds or a Wii U since I love Smash and have an amiibo but don't want to but a console for one game.
  10. The Bryant

    Win 1 of 2 Chromebooks from Hexus

    Thanks! Gonna give it to my mom if I win.
  11. The Bryant

    GameSpot Facebook Next-Gen giveaway

    Signed up with Kasama. Here's my link for those who want to help!
  12. The Bryant

    3DS for $100 at Walmart YMMV?

    Any coupons to go along with this huge markdown?
  13. The Bryant

    Win a $50 Amazon Giftcard

    7,242 votes thanks my man!
  14. The Bryant

    Win a PS4 Before it's Released

    Where do I get the free for the day code?
  15. The Bryant

    Bryant's Store

    Sorry. Sold it already. I hit up a mod to ask what to do about the thread I don't know why it's here. Sorry about that.
  16. The Bryant

    Bryant's Store

    Bump. Still have it.
  17. The Bryant

    Bryant's Store

    Nothing for sale atm. Sorry.
  18. The Bryant

    Free Samples thread

    Betty Crocker Cookie Mix and Flour coupon!
  19. The Bryant

    GBAstar's CAG Giveaway: May: Closed! Winners Announced Soon! | June: LIVE! Prizes announced this weekend!

    Woop! Back from a brief hiatus! Awesome to see this is still going on. Fantastic work! Edit: Seems like OP is awol...Hope all is good on his end.
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