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  1. xeno

    Star Wars Complete Boxset Blu-Ray Deals?

    Tempted....very tempted...
  2. xeno

    The OFFICIAL Holiday Blu-Ray/DVD Deals 2011 Thread

    so what are the chances of BigBang Theory season 1 and 2 coming out on blu ray? or should i just get the dvds?
  3. xeno

    The Art of Epic Mickey - $23.76 [PREORDER: 9/6/2011]

    Bumping this cause its finally out!
  4. xeno

    What was the last CD you bought? - The Sequel

    Stopped by borders to see what they had left..ended up spending $100 on cds Pendulum-immersion Tarja-What lies Beneath(deluxe) New Pornographers-Together Mogwai -hardcore will never die Twilight Singers-Dynamite steps Gorillaz- plastic beach(deluxe) Smashing pumpkins-siamese dreams The Horrors...
  5. xeno

    What was the last CD you bought? - The Sequel

    Mr.Kitty-Relms, until death do use part. and Death* legal digital download from his bandcamp *
  6. xeno

    What was the last concert/show you went to?

    saw KMFDM last night(wednesday augest 3rd) in a small club in seattle and it was fucken awesome, the opening bands 16volt, and human factors lab were great , as for army of the universe they were boring.
  7. xeno


    I loved this show when i was young, mike the tv was funny and anoying ,megagbyte was bad ass, hack and slash could never do anything right, hexadesimal was one pissed off villian. the cg is laughable compared to now, but it was still new back then, and it was great, i even st remeber going...
  8. xeno

    Disney TV on sale - X-Men, Iron Man, Gargoyles

    Is this for today only?
  9. xeno

    Your Fascination With Ramen

    That one is ok but i like this one : Its the spicy sea food one with better noodles.
  10. xeno

    What was the last CD you bought? - The Sequel

    Vinyl: Head & The Heart- S/T Fleet foxes-Helplessness Blues Piebald vol I-III RSD version @goodbyetonight: the ATDI is " Relationship of Command."
  11. xeno

    Free MVC3 strategy guide if you ordered through Capcom...

    Got this email: Dear adam, Thank you for your purchase of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds! Please accept our apology for the delayed delivery of your game. In an effort to make it up to you and win back your support for the Capcom Store, we’re offering you a *free copy of the...
  12. xeno

    Star Wars In Concert

    If you enjoy the music of starwars go to the consert.
  13. xeno


    i shall be getting comic jumper since i enjoyed the demo.
  14. xeno

    (DEAD) Tangled (4-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/DC $21.99 AC on Amazon

    looked at my amazon account and it showed $18.60 as my total. Not bad
  15. xeno

    Tangled Coupon
  16. xeno

    All Dogs go to Heaven, Secret of Nimh Blu Ray $10.00 at Wal-Mart YMMV

    hows the PQ/AQ on ADGTH and SON?
  17. xeno

    Netflix Streaming Thread 2.0

    When did Beakmans world season 1-4 became available??
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