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  1. JarrettLeMieux

    Win an Xbox One w/Zoo Tycoon with Chef Boyardee! [5 a day until 2/18]

    We won one of these, and already received it. For some reason I couldn't find this topic last week, or I would have already posted to encourage more CAGs to try!
  2. JarrettLeMieux

    Company of Heroes 2 E3 2013 DLC Codes (ENDED)

    83 - Battlefield 4 Xbox 360
  3. JarrettLeMieux

    List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

    This looks like a lot of work, so congrats to that. I almost never looked t the OP in the other thread, I would just check the most recent posts.
  4. JarrettLeMieux

    1200 MS Points giveaway (8-18)

    Think I entered, via Twitter. Thanks for the contest!
  5. JarrettLeMieux

    Since everyone liked it so much, I'm doing it again!

    I'm in for the Shutterfly mug!
  6. JarrettLeMieux

    Win PAYDAY 2 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam

    Got my entry in, good luck to all!
  7. JarrettLeMieux

    Infinite Crisis Beta

    Just got an email from Razr, they're giving away 500 Infinite Crisis beta codes. Good luck! I'm on my phone so I'm not sure if this link will work.
  8. JarrettLeMieux

    Free year Maxim Magazine

    Hate to be "that" guy, but isn't there a pinned thread specifically for free magazines?
  9. JarrettLeMieux


    These do NOT stack, only take one! 48 hour Gold: MWQTJ-RT6QP-2YCQ6-7PTRM-9HDG2 Q4Y7K-72YQ4-8746J-8FT3G-4K9H3
  10. JarrettLeMieux

    black ops 2 Vengeance map pack giveaway(360) (over)

    I'm not seeing Nuketown Zombies as free, says 400 msp?
  11. JarrettLeMieux

    black ops 2 Vengeance map pack giveaway(360) (over)

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:22907] THANK YOU!!! (sorry it took so long to reply, I had a hard time getting a pic to work)
  12. JarrettLeMieux

    black ops 2 Vengeance map pack giveaway(360) (over)

    Count me in! My wife and I are disgustingly average at this game, but I certainly can't complain about some quality game time with the Mrs.!
  13. JarrettLeMieux

    List of all free Xbox Live Marketplace content

    This isn't the code drop thread.
  14. JarrettLeMieux

    Win Borderlands 2 DLC, Black Ops II DLC & CAPSIZED on XBLA

    Entered for both DLCs with my valid email address. I'm curious, the drawing random or does the content of the post matter? Either way, thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to all!
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