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  1. the_punisher

    It took 108 years but this is finally home of the World Series champs Cubs!

    I'd be interested in a meetup if you ever get one going. Just picked up SSMB & P:OR from Best Buy PMd Meyer :)
  2. the_punisher

    Amazon - Various $9.99 Titles (Prime Eligible)

    Is Into the Nexus worth $10? Any chance of it being a Plus game soon?
  3. the_punisher

    1/2 off ALL Used games @ goHastings! (XboxOne, PS4! included)

    Picked up:   Gears of War: Judgment Used - Xbox 360 1 $20.21 $10.11 Discount: 1 for $10.11 each Silent Hill: Downpour Used - PlayStation 3 1 $17.32 $8.66 Discount: 1 for $8.66 each...
  4. the_punisher

    Get a Dualshock 4 PS4 controller for $19.99 at amazon by trading a best buy game ($17.99 if you are a gamers club unlocked)

    How long does a game take to be graded? Mine was received two days ago and still haven't received the $30 credit..
  5. the_punisher

    Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

    Dead Space Origin Key   38JS-2R9M-2NBE-CBCV-PE4H   Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key   H2UU-Z6W2-NYF2-7NJF-KX3Y   Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key   6CFP-523A-V5G5-A5R3-36H8   Dead Space 3 Origin Key   EH7F-8NC2-PELQ-K9QN-2CLY   Medal of Honor Origin Key  ...
  6. the_punisher

    @gamer $10 off pre-owned game 29.99 and up working on lower priced games online

    Grabbed Kane & Lynch 2 for free, why not. Thanks OP, 2 free BB games in one day :)
  7. the_punisher

    Tank Tank Tank Wii U $20 Best Buy ($0 after @Gamer Coupon)

    Gotta love @Gamer sometimes. Altho u gotta wonder if they're doing these on purpose, it seems to happen at least every other month... You'd think they know they're putting a game on sale that's also in the mag
  8. the_punisher

    What's on my mind? This isnt facebook

    What's on my mind? This isnt facebook
  9. the_punisher

    (DEAD)May BB @Gamer $25 GOW:A, $20 BL2, $50 Injustice,

    Also prob not the place for it but for anyone who has GoW:A, the demo for The Last of Us is on-disc and is available starting today :)
  10. the_punisher

    (DEAD)May BB @Gamer $25 GOW:A, $20 BL2, $50 Injustice,

    Definitely switching my sub to digital, don't have to go to the store anymore :) Just got GoW:A for ~$20 after the coupon and the free $5 they were giving out. What a deal
  11. the_punisher

    (DEAD)May BB @Gamer $25 GOW:A, $20 BL2, $50 Injustice,

    If anyone has an extra GOW:A code I'd appreciate one as well :) Anyone have any idea the deals that start tmrw?
  12. the_punisher

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 2: Za Warudo!!!

    Attack on Titan isn't bad by any means, but definitely has been dragging on a little too much and has seemed completely hopeless for a long time. Spoilers: I'll keep watching it cuz it still keeps my interest, but definitely not as good as it was hyped up to be. The last few seasons of shows...
  13. the_punisher

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 2: Za Warudo!!!

    Don't know why it's overrated, loved WTTNHK. One of my favorites Didn't see this, FUCK YES FINALLY
  14. the_punisher

    List of all free Xbox Live Marketplace content

    Bioshock infinite Elizabeth (female avatar) 6QF3g2rrf739qgk93thw9679z
  15. the_punisher

    Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward 34.99 Free Ship Newegg

    Still available on amazon. Not that this isn't a deal, but it's not THAT hard to find...
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